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How The Brook Went To Mill

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jlticbiflai! JUps. I. V rit'ted rook in a woodeil hill, A spring witlún liko a looking-glass A ñamóles rill liko a skoin of rain That showed rs faint as a feeble vin. And crept away iu the taugled grasa NVitli a voiceless flow and a wandeling will,- 'l'lio vish-ton-ii'iih of a HÍlkon irm, Tho murmurod tono of a maiden's "yes ! " A thirsty ox could havo quaffed it up, A boy dipped dry with a drinking cup ! Broke in a brook the rill complete - ISroke in a song tho hrook so fleet- Broke u ■■ langh rho "ng so sweet ' II. Twaa poliblo, rubblo, and fallen tron, Tmu b.ibble, doublé, through evory mile : It battled on with a shout. aud shock, And white with fonm was the ruRed rock, And dark were the liomlockR all the while, 'Till tbc road grew broad, and the creok run fine. lt glaued ahmg on the slippery slide. Vuil shot away with au arrowy glide - 11 ilipped lts shoes and in stocking feet lrnder tho bank and in from the street Whirled in i wattl alwtit. and out- Sprinklod with gold and put to rout, - And brighl with the flash "f tho apqtted trout! III. It Hoals ;i mul it bonrs a beat : "Fis Leonard's Creek and is bouud fov tbc nuil, And inakos you think, with the ripple and flow, - So light it trips to the stones lelow,- How her fmgers go wheu thoy move by note ïhrough measures tino, as she marches thero Vv Th yielding plank of the ivory floor. Beneath the bridge with a raaping rubh, A bird takos toll, - 'tis a thirsty thrush, - It nears the Gulf of the hemlock night Where stara shine down in tho mid-day H;;lit. It verges the brink of the shadow's lair, Stumbles and falls on the liniestoue stair ! (Hings to the mute and motionless eilge - T'umbles and bounds from ledge to ledge - And tluindcrs and blunders down to the sedge. - Scribner's for Juni.


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