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Ann Akhor, Thubbday, June 11 1874. Ai'PLF.fl- Grreen. 1.00($1.25 BüTTKIl- 160. ConN - 7O'75c. perbu. Chickens- DreBsed l('@llc. Iv;;s- Comrafind 10c. Hay- $8;ai2O per ton, aceording to iiuality. Honkv - In cap, 26@30c. Lard- The market atnnds at 1 1c. OsiON- I8.0Ü. l Iatk- 74W5OC. POTATÓtt - $1.25. '1'riïNips- 50c. White. $1.35@1.4U; AmberTflSlgll.a Ti-iiKi-.YS- lOfalüc. Detroit ProduceMarket. r.-it ifst qnotatiooi for leadlng artiolesof cnuntr prmluce- June 11 , are lis follows : WHEAT-white, $1.37g1.48 ; amber 1.25(Sll 3ü. Barlet- $2.00)2.75 percental. Rye- 80@95c per bu. ( 'OUN- 60@fl4c. OATa-SOMo. POTATOES- $.75@ 1 .0()C. Hay- $ló@$20. BuïTEn- löigi'ido. Kui-.s- l-'@14u. Lard- ll@12c. Hüxeï- 18!gi2;;,. "VVooi.- ;i7(o;4iJc. per lb. Detroit Live Stock Mnrket. Fiom ihe Detroit Free Press. MimiOAX Central Cattle Yards ) Moïuluy, June 8. Tlie total receipts for the past two weeks ver :is follow ; For the 'waak emling Through State. Thro. Stut Horsea 33 6 Cattlo 134 77 1,989 27 Hog 1,141 207 18,9:i3 15 Shoep 15,721 198 12S 33 Tliere were lew int State eattle nt these yard but a idir Dumbat ot stockers, and the inarke for thia grade was about steady, while choice Illinoia steen -ere off a trifle. There were moi State eattle driven in than usual, but lesa wer reeeived by cars and the eurlv market was th '"■-t. Tlicwe tluit were held over fesr Monda; market at Kmg's yards did iiot reali.e according to their ,'iuticijiutioin. Mr. Adaius sold, early, a load ot State sbippers, svetaging 1,008 lbs. at óc Mr. Flcischinan bouirht 7 speyed heifers, very choice, averaging about 1,000 Iba. at ÍI3 30. MrCoughlan bought 20 stockei-s, weighing frora 7'0 to 700 lbs. at $28 a head. 'So sheep were offered and very few hogs, except those sent through or purchased by Hammond, Staudish & Co. lor their refrigerator car business. We quote : Chcice steers, from 1,000 to 1 ,400 lbs & 00 a 6 25 (rood butchen' trom 900 to 1,200 lbs 4 00 a 4 75 Stockers, 700 to 000 lbs 3 00 a 4 25 ü-ood sheep, from H5 to 95 lbs, per cwt. 6 00 a 7 00 Fat hogs, per cwt. 9 25 a 5 50 I'ifis, mixed Iota, per cwt. 4 75 a 5 25 KlNG'S CaïTLE X AHD8, ) DETROIT, Monday eveniug, June 8. $ CATTLE. The transnetions at these yards this morning would indícate that the market was off about Ie. if we take 110 notice of the f act tnat nearly all offered were State cattle. The weights were about the same as those of last week and the general appearanee was much the same, but Illinois steers regularly bring 1-2 and le. higher figures in this market for the sume size and weight that State steers do, as will be seen from the sales below, which were generally of very fair looking .1,!. W, 1- . Choice beeves, shippuig steers and heifers, weighing tan 1,200 to 1,500 lbs. .} 00 a T) 50 (xood butchers' steera and haltera, averagmg 1.000 to 1,100 lbs., 4 00 a 4 75 Working cattle, well fattened, averaging 1,000 to 1,500 lbs., 4 00 a 6 00 Cows, common to choice, 4 00 a f) 00 Stockera' and packers' medium steers, and heifers, in deoent flesh, 800 to 1,000 lbs., 4 00 o 4 50 MILCH COWS. The market waa slow, with about the usual nnmber offered. Interior gi'ade cows sold in low as $ 2.3ir3O, and fair to good ones were held at f35 (i 15. SHEEP. The market wa3 a little off to-diiy, with but very few offei-ed. Thirty-three fat ones, weighing about 87 or SS lbs. each sold for $j Stö per cwt.


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