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Doings Of The Common Council

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An adjourned meeting of the Uommon oouncil was held on Tuesday evening, Mayor Beakes in the chair, and all the members being present except Aid. Schmid and BUodes. Petitions wore receiyed and referred as Wlows : For lamps- at the corner oL Church and College streets, at the crosaing of North State and North streets, in front of Mineral Springs House, at the southeast corner of Madisou and State streets ; to the Lamp Committee. Also to same committee for the appointment of Geo. W. Héctor to be City Scavenger. For the establishment of grade and building of a sidewalk on the south side of Grove istreet between Hanover Square and Hill street. To Sidewalk Coniinittoe. For the opening of a street between Huron street and Miller avenue. To Aldermen of Third ward. For the erection of a wind-inill pump at the artesian well on Main street. Table. On report of Finance Committee bilis were allowed chargeable to the several funds as follow s : To General Fund, 1.09 " Street Fund, 23Í.T2 " First Ward Fund, 10S.M Certain warrants heretofore allowed and oliarged to General Fund, amounting to $236.90j were ordered transferred to General Street Fund account. On motion, Aid. Poiter and Eogers and the Recorder were appointed a committee to procure conveyance for the Council to the Fourth of July celebration at Ypsilanti. Leave being granted, the Council was addresaed by ladies representing the Ladies' Temperance Union, in reference to the petitions presented at a tormer meeting, who urged the abandonment of the liceuse system. (Better urge the doubling up of the license or tax, the strict enforcement of the Sunday and all ether city ordinances.) The whole subject was referred to a committee consisting oí the Mayor and City Attorney, and Aid. Kogers, Cate and W. D. Smith. The bids for the Liberty street bridge were opened, and the contract ordered let to Hiram Kittridge at $345, security to be given in the sum of 1690, and the bridge to be completed by the firat day of July. Ou report from Sidewalk Committee, the follawing walks were ordered built or rebuilt : On Ingalls street ; on south side of Jefferson, between State and División ; on north side of Jeffeison, in front of Mrs. S. Grisson's ; on north side of Bowery, between State and División : on north side of Miller avenue, from the west line of Collins B. Cook's land to east line of Mr. Dale's land ; in front of Mrs. McGraw's lot on south side of Liberty, between Thompson and División ; on Fourth between Washington and Liberty, east side ; on Liberty, north side, between Fourth and Fifth ; on west side of Fifth from Liberty to the north line of H. Session's lot; on Main street, west side, between Mr. Brown's at cattle yards and Rev. Mr. Schmid's ; in front of Mr. Hulburt's, east side of State; in front of lot in care of Sutherlaud & Whedon (front of University Kall), west side of State ; in front of preinises owned by George Fischer, Fifth street ; in front of lot south of William and east side of Fifth; north side of Felch near Spring ; between Miller avenue and Hiscock street ; east side of Church betweeu Orjeans and Washtenaw (ave.), in front of premises owued by P. Bach ; south side of Huron from Main to city limits west ; all to be done under the direction of Sidewalk Committee. Mr. Boylan was heard with reference to walk on the west side of Fifth street, and the matter referred to Sidewalk Committee. John B. Dow was allowed Ï7ó for services for city to date ($25 from general f und and Y50 from general street fuud), and Messrs. Wood, Eogers, Deubel and Smith, $15 each for services in the Miller and Webster matter. These amounts are iucluded in charges to several f unds given above. Order for lamp at corner of William and Second 3treets, heretofore made, was reconsidered and matter referred. Street Committee reported against rebuilding bridge on Huron street. Accepted and adopted. Mr. Chapman, of Jackson, leave being granted, explained the manner of using the Jackson drain pipe in sewers. A committee was ordered to investígate and report in regard to the sewer on Depot street.


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