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Many young people think an idle lifo must bo a pleasant one ; but there are ïone who enjoy it so little, and are such jurdens to themselves, as those who have nothing to do. Thoso who are obliged ;o work hard all day enjoy their short aeriods of rest and recreation so much ;hat they aro apt to think if their whole ife were spent in rest and recreation it would be the most pleasant of all. But chis is a sad mistake, as they would soon ïnd out if they made a trial of the life they think so agreeable. Ono who is never busy can never enjoy rest, for rest mplies a relief froin previous labor ; and f our whole time were spent in amusing ourselves we should fiud it more wearisome than the hardest day's work. Reereation is only valuable asit unbends us ; the idle can know nothing of it. Many people leave off business and settlo down ;o,a life of enjoyment ; but they generally rind that they are uot nearly so hap3y as they were before, and they are of;en glad to return to their old occupations to escape the miseries of indolence. -Herald of Health. Fino specimens of copper ore have been discovered about six miles west of Jackson.


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