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The Milwaukee Newa comments as follows upon the inflation plank in the platforms of the Illinois and Indiana Independents : The Independents in Illinois and Indiana cannot win on such a platform. To adopt such a platform would be fatal to the Reform party in Wisconsin. As certain as fate, the Eeformers, Liberáis and Democrats will carry Wisconsin by an unprecedented majority next fall - by a greater majority of the popular vote than Lincoln or üraut received - unlessit shall commit some such egregious folly and outrage as taking the hag, repudiation, to its arms. Lot Mr. Senator Carpenter and his newspaper md his friends have a monopoly of the inflation platforms ; it will sink under them like a leaky boat or a rickety raft, and leavo them hopelessly floundering in the flood of defeat. In the Illinois Eepublican State Convontion held ou the 27th, a resolution was adopted doclaring " it unwise and inexpedient in the present iimincial condition of the people to attempt the policy of immediate cancellation of any portion " of the now outstanding $282,000,000 of treasury notes. Tho following clause also stricken from a rcportod resolution : " that we are opposed to any incroaso in the ainount of legal tender notes, and in favor of their gradual retirement' as the issue of national bank notos shall be increased." Auother resolution declared in favor of a free national banking system, " the aggregate volume to be regulated by the untrammeled laws of ade." And yet the same astuto convention resolved that " we re-approvo the deelaration of the National Ropublican Conventioo of 1872, in favor of a return to Bpeoie fmynients a' the earliest practi. cable period. No reduction of the greenbacks and an increased volume of national currency will lead to specie payments- when ! The Illinois Republicana wnen : xne íuinois itepuoncans repuaiate the President and go the whole swine for inflation. The Indiana Republican Couvention, also held on the 17th, declared for tree banking and heartily approved the courso and votes of Senators Morton and Pratt, both iiitíationists of the first water. Another dig at Grant. The Vermont Republican Couventiou, held the same day, thanked the President for vetoing the finance bill, and declared for tb e protection of American industry. The YrsiLANTl Commercial is a modest journal ; an exceedingly modest journal , in short, its editor is noted both for his modesty and wisdom. The late exhibition of this characteristic trait of our down-river colemporary is its nomination of Hon. J. Webster Childs for Governor, and of Hon. S. M. Cutcheon for Con gressman. It does this with a brief and concise puff of Ciiilds and an elabórate one of Cutcheon, one which will cause that gentleman to intensely wonder that he has never known himself, his ability power, and political services. We anxiously wait to see what shall come out of this " taking the life " of Cutcheon so effectively and effectually, and shall expect to seb the favorites of Hillsdale, Lenawee, and Monroe, - Waldron, Boies, Croswei.l, and Willits,- make liaste to withdraw from the field- and in vulgar parlance " hunt their (political) holes." - We trust that our modest journalistic friend will not stop here. There are other offices to be filled, and surely Ypsilanti (or the Commercial we should say) should not be content with striking only for Governor anti Congress.


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