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gating Cotuniittee reported on Tuesday a unanimous conclusión ; that " the existing form of governnient of the District is a failure ; that it is too cumbrous and too expensive ; that the power and relations of its several departments are so defined that limitations intended by Congre8s to apply to the whole government are construed to limit but one of its departments ; that it is wanting in sufficient safeguards against nialadministration and the creation of indebtedness," and much more of the same sort. A bilí for a temporary government accompanied the report. Judging by the past, despite the recommendation of the committee, the leg8lation will be of the " out of the frying pan into the fire " kind. It was in the days of the first President Adams, that the disgraceful and obnoxious alien and sedition law was passed ; but Senator Carpenïer and Gen. Butler, with the aid of their partisians, propose to make that law respectable. It was done by injecting into a very innocent bill providing tor the transfer of suits from State to the United State Courts, a section which will permit libel suits to be brought against any nal having a correspondent at Washington (or any other placo) by serving process, not on the publisher, but on the correspondent or agent. The bill was passed by the Senate on Monday, by a vote of 33 to 22. If it shall become a law Carpenter, Chandler & Co. will be in clovor. Farmers' State Conventions were were held last week in both Illinois and Indiana, resolutions passed, and tiokets nominated. That these conventions were controlled by doniagogues rather than by farmers we have the coupling of a demand for the inflation of an irredeomable paper currency and a denunciation of gold and silver as the money basis with the condeinnation of monopolies and corruption, which always thrive and fatten on excess in paper issues. If the farmers of Illinois and Indiana cannot do better than that at platform building they should cali in foreign aid or even the aid of stock politicians. Regular platform builders would put in no such weak timbers. The Dexter Leader don't propose to permit the Ypsilanti Commercial to monopolize the nomination of oandidates for the coming State election, and so it makes the following announcement : " The Republican State Convention, to nomínate a full ticket for State ofticers, has been called to meet in Lansing Aug. 2(!. Trot out your candidates. How about Judge Craue for Attorney Oeneral. We name him, any way. Who can present a better ?" We don't believe that Judge Crañe will nibble at that bait. A right lively business is now being done in trotting out candidates for State Treasurer. That average monthly balance of about $7öO,OOÓ is a tempting prize to local bankers, and the way they are " going for it " is not to be sneezed at. Four per. cent interest to the State leaves a wide margin of profit for the Treasurer, especially when over half a million balance is a permanency, and the bon ds only $100,000. Between the conflicting claims of Childs and Cutcheon, the Ypsilanti Commercial is in something of a quandary, and the editor continually does sing, " O, I could be happy with eitlier, ' Witli 't'other dear channer away." Let him toss up a cent or throw dice for i a choice, and quit beslobbering them both , with fulsome praise, - at least in the same i article.


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