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Aun Anno, Thubs dat, June 18 1874. -7O@75c. per bu. Chickbi.'- Dressed 10@llc. Eoos- Co.iimand 12c. Hat- $S@20 per ton, aceording to quality. Honey- In cap, 26@30c. IiAHD- The market stands at lic. Onions- $3.00. Oatb-45@50c. PotAtoeb- $1.25. Strawbebries- 9c. a quart. Tübnips - 50c. Whkat- White,1$1.25@1.8U; Amber 1.15@1.2 Tubkeys- 10@13c. Detroit ProdiiceMarket. IiAtest quotations for leading articles of couatr] produce- June 18, are as follows : Whbat- white, $1.30@1.41 ; amber Bablet- $2.OO@2.75 per cental. Bte- 80@85c. per bu. Cobn- 65@70c. Oats- 53@66c. . Potatoes- tl.0ú@1.2c. Hat-$16@$2O. BUTTEB- 27@30c. Eoos- 14@15c. Lard- ll@12c. Honet- 18@23o Wool- 37@43c. per Ib. Detroit Live Stock Market. From the Detroit Free Press. Michigan Central Cattle Yards ) Mouday, June 15. $ The total receipts for the past two weeks were as follows ; For the week ending June 15. June 8. Through State. Thro. State Horses 140 3 Cattle 2,969 479 134 17 Hogs 18,187 332 1,441 207 Sneep - 355 15,721 098 The receipts of Western castle nearly all went on through to the East. State cattle were duller and considerably off, but choice Western were held at firm prices. Mr. Coughlan bought one load of stockers, averaging about 9501ba. at4 l-2c. John Downey bought two loads of choice State shippers, one load weighing 21,220 lbs. and the other '21,.r)30 lbs. at 5c. Most of the balance was held over until the Mouday market in hope of better prices at King's yards. Sheep were dull and lower, with few offered. We quote : Choice steers, from 1,000 to 1,400 lbs $5 00 a 6 37 Good butchers' trom 900 to 1,200 Iba 4 00 a 4 75 Stockers, 700 to 900 lbs 3 00 a 4 25 Good sheep, from 85 to 95 lbs, per cwt. 5 50 a 6 00 Fat hogs, per cwt. 5 25 a 5 50 Pigs, mixed lots, per cwt. 4 75 a ó 25 Kino's Cattle Yards, ) Detroit, Monday evening, June 15. J CATTLE. This market was supplied with State cattle this morning and Western loto found no market here. The quality was a big improyement oyer last week, and quite an increase in the number was noted, consequently buyers had the greater advantage and prices were off from 50c tp $1 per cwt., and consequently there was considerable soreness among drovers who had some really fine lots which they were compelled to sell at loas. We quote : Choice beeves, shipping ateers and heifers, weighing from 1,200 to 1,500 lbs. ■ tú 00 a 6 38 Qood butchers' steera and heifers, averaging 1,000 to 1,100 lbs., 4 00 a 4 75 Working cattle, well fatteried, averaging 1,000 to 1,500 lbs., 4 00 a 5 00 Cows, common to choice, 4 00 a 5 00 Stockers' and packers' medium steers, and heifers, in decent flesh, 800 to 1,000 lbs., 4 00 a 4 50 HILCH C0W3. There were few in the market this week, and these were so much improved by the better feed they have been having that holders were aaking and obtained higher prices; the poorest kind of a scallawag brought $30a35, while a aale was noted of 1 young cow and calf not more than onefourth grade, rather below size (scarcely medium), for $44. With these high views buyers were driven away from the market.


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