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BUSINESS DIRECTORY. flRAZER, HABRIiHAN HAMirro1 f l,aw. Offloe Nos. 7 and I Soutli j[, in street. Aun Albor, Mich. rTitASTUS THATCHER, Attonu-y iinl Yi Counselor at La, WO. .i Est lluron Street, jVun Albor, Mich. l'186 . A KOK IdINKH.iL SPBINGS. .'V Morris Hule. M. D., Supdriutondent. Office ia imi'ldins, corner Mann and West. Huron StreeM. 1 F,S & WORDEN. !0 -outh Main streftt, Aun Ar or, Mich-, wholi-sale and retiiil dealmlo Ir y 8ood, Carpets and Groceries. 1351tf TaCK ác SCM1U11, Dealera in Dry Goods, Al Groceries, Crockery, &c. No. 64 .-'outh Main 9trt. Vil. JACKSO.i, Dentlst suocessortoC. B. t Portcr. Office corner Mainand durouatri'ets, „ver the atore of R. W. Ellia & ('o . Ann Arbor, iiich. vnestheticsadrainistercdif required. TpTIIEWtAND Ar II'HKDON, Life and 5 Fire Insurance Aïents.aud dealers. u lieal Estáte, jniceon Hnron Street. BACH & ABKL, Dealers in Ory Goods Groceries, c &c..No 6 Sotith Main Street, Ann Arbor. WJil. WAftUÏEH, Dealer in R adv Madeiioth W ing-'-lotba , Cassimeres, Vestiiiirs. HHiH.Caps, (funks.'üarpet Baga, &c 21 Sonlh ítalo streel. Tükft W. CHEBVEK, 'attorney at law ! OÏÏoe with B. W. Morman, Kust sïde of Court Ilouee Sqaire. i;!:1 T C. CAKK, Oent#ïwt, „■- 3tl I B80Ï to C. C. „' ' v. _ Jenklas. Nitro us Oxi d _aK adiüi inste red jffesií wlien nece v y J fi -N - -r' South %JlJkMJkJ-- M;lin stMUS. H. J. ÏÏÏLTÜN, M. I)., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, 0W and Remleuce No. 88 1h Street, corner of Ingaüs, A,in Arbor, Mich. lör Oflice houra- 8 to 10 il, and 2 to 4 v. M.35H Re.fe.rencfit - Prof. Sager, Pkof. Palsiki:. 1431 y 1 (iSOOKEKV OTÚS8WAB1 & GR0CEEIB8, J. & !■ Donnelly. Have n atore a large stock of nrockerv , Olassware, Pluted Ware.t'ntlery Grocenes, fcc, 4C all to be soid at unusaally low pricee. No. 12 Sist Huron Street, Aun Arbor. ll-'Stf J. & f. WftrïUftMiT. rOHN (t. SALL, DBALEE IN FHESHANDSALTMEATS, LAK, SAX'SAGES, ECe., OrdcrBsolicited and promptly llled with thehest raeats in the market. Cor. Huron and Fourtli sfs. Atm Arbor, Sept. 16th. 1SC9. 1 "M DR. C. A. LEITER, Physician and Surgeo, Office over Wiitfs' Jewelry Store, Main Street, Repidence OS East liuron Street, 1469tf ANX AKBOR,MI( B. ] A H !v S i'j i , Q&FxLjLÍy Manu fat' tmvr of Carriages, Buggies, Wagon?, AND SLIilCtHS, of every stylo, moda of the best material, and warrauted. Kepairing done prompth'inl [irioos reasonable. Detroit Street, near IÍ. It. Depot, Ann Arbor, Mich. 1146yl T FEED. BROSS, V . MAtiCFACTÜRF.K of fIRftl.VCiKS, BIGOIES, LinBCIl WIIIIHS, SI'!U U 'ACiOÏS; tlTlKKS. SI.EIÜIIS, &c. All volk warrantedof the best material. Repairing done promptly and reasonably. All woik w:trranted to give perfect ntilfeetion. f8 South Main trent. 1422 f f Tornt)) I BUSINESS COLLEGE! Ann Arbor, - Michigan. o vfieations. Day classes throuchout the year. Htudents enter at any time. Iustructn n Mcordmg tomost approved plans. Students have ■Aoliiol j'rHctice" t the begiuning of the conree in book keeping. 144Hf GQING TO PAINT! 1P SO CALL AT L. O. RISDON'S HARDWARE STORE, No. 31 South Maiu Street, Ann Arlor, and buy AVERILL'S CHEMICAL PAINT I It is the best Paint in use. 1471m3


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