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Cakdh. - Circulara. _ Bill-Hcads. _ Letter-Heads. - Shippmg Tags. - Printed at the Arous office. - In the best style and cheap. - Don't order elsewhere beforo cnlling. - ' Local Brevitus " are sroree this week. _ tt'e are pleased to report Gov. Felch in ai mproved condition. - The maiket has been plentifully suppliec rith strawberries for a week. - A shower yesterday cut short, and none too son, the long spell of dry treather. The Washtenaw County Pioneers are to ti;ri out in lu" forco at Yysilanti on the Fourth. - Vpsilanti has perfected amutgements for j big time on tho Fourth - Saturday of unxt et. - The present publisher of tho AE0U3 haa run the masheen jut twonty yeare to-da} - anc ..?till Uves." jow is a gooii uintj u mj iui inu abuub. We int fuuds to enable us to surprise sorae oi our creditors. - The ïiumber of visiting strangers dnria Comraecement week was much larger thftnjR former years. _W'. D Harriman, Esq., bas sold his re#jence of William and Thompson streets, to Prof. Ureene, of the University. Tprms private. - The Regents, at the recent sesssion, unaniniously passed a resolution approvmg the aolion of the Faculty in suspendmg the haziug studente and their confessing, protesting, and dictating associates. _J. F. Hicka, a lifthtuing rod maxi, is now oiierating in this Ticinity. Severai years ago Mr. Hicks put up some rods for uu in a good and fforkmanlike marnier, and we haven't been ■track by any lightning yet. - Wool has continued to move freely during the week, despite the intensely hotweather, and jtprioes a littlo in advance of last week's qjjgtstions. Yesterday frora 40 to 4.3 ets. was being paii The purcliascs to date aggregate aoout 126,000 Ibs. - At the late meeting of the Board of Kewnte, Prof. Walker, of the Law School, was UiTen leave of absence for one ycar, and Hon. Wm. Wells, of Detroit, was appointed temporary Iecturer in his place. Henry F. Burton, of '"% was appointed instructor in Latin during the absence of Prof Walker in Europe.


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