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Coloring Cheese

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Ono of tho meang employed to givo cheese a rich croara color, is to exposé the curd, before and after salting, to the air, instead of hurrying it into tho hoop or press, as is usual with tho niajority of dairyiuon. r.very cheese-makor must havo obsorved the fine golden color acquired by tho partióles of curd that have accidentally remained out of the hoop, and exposed during tbe day to tho atmosphere. This is the preciso color desired by the dealer, and in warra weather an exposure long enough for the desired color is practicable, and the appearance of the curd can be matorially changed for the better by letting it remain in the va or tub until it has acquired the pioper teraperature for the press. It is always preforable, therefore, to cool curd in this way, instead of using water or cold whey on the curd, as is sometimes done for this purpose, as those last have a tendency to iuipoverish the cheese by washing out a portion of its richness, besides injuring soinewhat its flavor. Fine flavor, quality, and the proper texture in cheese are important requisites to ready salos and good prices. But all these ixmy be present, aud yet the cheese sell low in market for its bad appearance. The eye must be suited as well as the taste, and it is difficult to make the consumer believe that pale white cheese is as rich as Unit which has a fine creani color. Agaiu, uiany dairymen are troubled in preserving a siuooth, elastic rind : the rind checks, aud doep cracks are found here and there in the cbeese. This rosults often, and, for the most part, from the air being allowed to blow on the youner cheese. Cheese. when it comes trom the press, and tor several days after, or until the rind has a firm consisteney, should be kejit whero the air roay not blow directly uponit; and washing the cheese twice a week with hot aweet whey, will add much to its ontward appearanoe-. Anotta is in general use during the spring and fall for coloring niilk for cheese-making, but as much of it is adulterated with poisonons materials its use should be avoided in nummer, whcn the desired color to the cbeese can be


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