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Moral Courage In Daily Life

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"Moral Courage was priDted m large etters and put as the caption of the folowing items, and placed in a conspicuous lace on the door of a eystematic mer:hant in New York, for constant refernce, and furnished by him for publica;ion : Have the courage to discharge a debt while you have the inoney in your pockt. Have the courage to do without that which you do not need, however rauch your eyes may covet it. Have the courage to speak to a friend n a seedy coat, even though you are in onipany with a rich one and richly attir d. Have the courage to speak your raind when it is necessary that you should do so, nd hold your tongue when it is prudent hat you should do so. Have the courage to own that you aro joor and thus disarm poverty of its ting. Have the courage to teil a man why you refuse to credit him. Have the courage to teil a man why you will not lend him money. Have courage to cut the most agreeable acquaintance you have when you are convinced that he lacks principie - a friend should bear with a friend's infirmities, but not with his vices. Have courage to show your respect for honesty, in whatever guise it appears, and your contempt for dishonesty and duplicity, by whomsoever exhibited. Have the courage to wear your old clothes until you can pay for new ones. Have the courage to prefer comfort and propriety to fashion in all things. Have the courage to acknowledge your ignorance, rather thau to seek for knowledge tinder false pretencea. Have the courage in providing an entertainment for your friends, not to exceed your means. Have the courage to insure the property in your possession, and thereby pay your debts in full.


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