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Carlist Atrocities

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A Madrid letter to the London Tintes describes the atrocitics of the Carlista after the recent capture of Cuenca, which for savage cruelty have rareiy beea surpassed in the aunĂ¡is of modern warfare. Robbery, incendiarism, assassiuation of men, and violation of wonien wore tho excesses to which the assailants delivered theniselves up, after they had effected an entrance into the city. They destroyed and burut thefurniture of' the houscs, broaking all the pictures, and this for the mero pleasure of inflicting damage. Terrified by the horrors they were witnessing, a delegation of ladies with clergy went to the Cathedral, where Don Alphonso a:id and Donna Blanca wcre receiving the communion at the forced handa of the Bishop, to supplieate that the executions should cease, and that the contribution of two millions of reals imposed on the population should be reduced. Th'eir petition was haughtily refustd and the women were shut up in prison. A poor shoemaker was killed in his own house in the presence of his wifo and children. When sho interfercd she reoeived a saber stroke in her hand which cut off' her finger. The brains of her husband were scattered about the floor, and she was compelled to clean thern up and throw thein out of tho window. One group of' assassins penotratcd into a house where tliey found a young woman in bed with the small-pox, and because sho did not get up as qaickly as they ordered her, they killed her in the arms of her disconsolate mother


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