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The Philadelphia Kidnapping Case

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Every house within the corporate hins of Philadelpbia has been searched in ain for little Charlie Iloss - a proceedng, vee venture to say, never underaken in any city before. " The search," writes a Tribune correspondent, under ate of August 8th, "began on Thursay, and was finished to-day. It was esigned to keep the performance secret, )ut befora it was fairly begun, the paera annouuced that it was going on, so lat there was ampie time for the removal of the child to a place of safety, upposing him to have been secreted in ie city, and his hiding place not to ïave beeu discovered during the first 'ew hours of the search. The annoyance nd vexation to which householders were ubjected by this sudden and unlooked br invasión of their dwellings by squads f policemen were naturally great. In most cases it was borne patiently, and o objection was made to the unlawful nvasion, the interest in the kidnapping ase being so universal that the officers lad only to explain the object of their isit to meet with a polite reception, ome people, however, knew their rights nd resented the intrusión by locking ae door in the faces of the policemen, nd one old gentleman, who returned lome to find a ineniber of the foroe ranacking his premises, went straight to tie magistrafe's office, swore a warrant gainst him and had him arrested and ound over for trial on a charge of unawfully entering a dwelling. Where dmittance was refused under circumtances that awakened suspicion, search warrants were ueually taken out, and tüe earch was then made under proper legal uthorization." " No trace of the lost )oy," concludes the correspondent, "was 'ound in either of the 140,000 houses which the pólice visited. The case, as was expressed by the press yesterday, ïas resolved itself into a mass of titeoes. As last .as the pólice explode one leory a new one takes its place. Just ow the favorite idea is that the boy was ot kidnapped for a ransom, and that ïere are secrets connected with the hisory of the Ross family which its mem)ers are studiously concealing, but which lone will furnish a key to the enigma of ie abduction, or supposed abduction."


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