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A New Trick At Robbing

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It is reported that on Thursday night a robbery was committed on a freight train going east, under the following circumstances. Shortly after the train passed this station, two men were noticed by the engineer climbing down upon the tender from the train, but nothing was thought of it and the men passed forward to the cab where the engineer and firemen were. The railroaders Were somewhat astonished, however, when two revolvers were placed at their heads by the intruders and a demand was made for their money. The engineer and fireman handed over what little currency they had. They were then ordered to hand over their watohes, the former losing one valued at $75 and the latter one worth $100. The robbers then jumped off the train. It is supposed they got on at Dexter. - Dexter Leader. Pastoral Visits.- Speaking of pastoral visita, and silly woinen who feel good over tbeir minister and hi preaching, the New York Obserter delivers the following tiiuely little sermón : All judicious pastors discourage familiarity on the part of the people, especially of the female denomination. For this way lies the danger. A silly woman, pious, perhaps, but very soft and shallow, hears the stirring words of her eloquent pastor, is roused, warmed, soothed, exalted - she thinks edified - and strtiightway she believes him to be the man sent to do her good. She goes to his study to teil him so ; how much enjoyment she flnds in his words ; or she writes him a letter and pours out her little soul full of twaddle about her gratitude for what her dear pastor has done for her ; how she is " lifted up " by his instructions ; how she loves him as a friend given to be her guide and comfort, and so on and so on, more and more, running into a mawkish 8entimentality, a sickening man worship, disgusting to every sensible person, but very nectar to a vain, worldly preacher who seeks only to make his hearers " feel good."


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