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-A London respondent speaks highly of the suc cess of two American girls studying in Paris, both of whom give grea promise - Miss Emma Abbot, of New York, and Miss Montague, of Baltiinore. Miss Abbot sang a few weeks ago in the American church in Paris and producod a most remarkablo effect. Although a delicate girl she has a most powerful voice, and sings with singular power and expression. Her maestro is Wartol, Nilsson's instructor, who teaehes the old Italian mothod ol planting one note on another - if anybody knows how that is done. She expects to make her debut in Paris the coming winter. Tho Attorney-General has. decided tliat the provisiĆ³n in the Army Appropriation bill to the effect that only the actual traveling expenses shall be alknved to any person holding employment or appointment under the United States supersedes and cuts off the allowance of mileage to United States Marshals as provided in the foe bilis. The Attorney-General has also deeided that the military forces of the United States may bo employed to remove outlaws, thieves and other unauthorized persons from the Cheyenne and Arapahoo Indian reservations.


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