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The Democratic State Ticket

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The ticket nominated at Kalamazoo on Thursday presents quite as favorable a contrast to the Repub);ean ticket ;is the platform npon wbich it lias been placed does to the delusivo ánd deceptive declaration of no principies adopted at Lans'ig. A glance at the namea shows that a succeesful effort has been made to secure a fair reprosontation, not only of tho different portions of the State considered geographically, but of each prominent interest in the State. It is not, like the Republicau ticket, a mere aggregation of men selected for pari,y services or supposed availability ; but it is composed of men who have been chosen for personal weight, for known loyalty to the principies which they are to uphoid in the coiaing campaign, and for proved fidelity to the special "iterests which in each individual "istance they more pai úicularly represent. Tho nominees are personally too well known throughout the State to require any of those petty political biographies which are necessary in the caso of obscuritioa like Sn''th, who feil upon the Republican Convention in so unexpected and startling a manuer. There are some of them, however, of whom a blief word ought to be spoken. Henry Chamberla'u, of Berrien, the candidato for öovetnor, is in many respecta the fittest selection which could have boen uiade. One of the pioneers of the western portion of the State, he has acqu'red and enviable reputation throughout the entire State for aclivity, enterprise and uprightness. His Democracy, ;n the best and broadest sense of the word, is beyond the shadow of quesíion and he is berides a prominent practical representativo of that agricultural eleinint in the State which has been so studiously disregarded and ignored by the Kepublican party in its selection of candidates. It was to this latter fact undoubtedly that he was largely indebted for the nomination tendered him by the Kefoim Convention ; a nomination which is fully explained by the additional iact that it was known in the Reform Convention that a large nnmber of the delegates to Kalamazoo, had expressed their preference for Mr. Chamberlain. The nominee for lieutenant-Governor, Frederick Hall, of Ionia, is another candidato whose nonriation is a sti-ikingly appropriate one. Personally he is one of the most popular men on the ticket, and would make an exceec'ngly lively campaign for a much better man than his opponent. His nomination is a recognition of the -'-nportance of the commercial interests of the State wHch he worthily representa. The other nonv'nations are equally acceptable. George H. House, for Secretary of State, will be remembered at once as having been for many years deputy Secretary of State, a position which he filled to the satisfaction of all. Martin V. Montgomery, of Eaton, the candidate for Attorney-General. will divide with the candidate for Lieutenant-Governor the honors of personal popularity in that portion of the State where he is most inimately known. He is a lawyer of far more than ordinary attainments, and it is almost a pity that he has not a more formidable opponent than Sirth of the accidental nornination. Joseph M. Sterling, of Monroe, the candidate for State Treasurer, Duane Doty, of this county, for Superntendent of Public Instruction, and Chauncey W. Green, of Oakland, for Commissioner of the Land Office, need no commendat'on in this portion of the State. The latter named gentleman, like the head of the ticket, representa the agricultural interest, while the first is precisely the k'nd man needed to succeed a Treasurer of who holds such remarkable views of his duties to the pubHc as does the present incumbent of that office. John L. Evans, of Gratiot, for AuditorGeneral and E. W. Andrews, of Bay, for member of the State Board of Education, wül also impress the people very favorably. The förmer is perhaps less familiar ly known tb-oughout tho State than some of his associates ; but he is cordially vouched for by the best men in that portion of the State which he makes his home. The whole


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