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The Opposition In Michigan

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All the elementa of opposition to the Etepublican party ia Michigan have been united, and the result ia one of the most compact and powerful organizations of the kind in the Union. The Democratie Convention yesterday accepted the chief candidates of the Eeformers, and adopted their specie payment resolution with some changes for the better. The Eeformers were content with demanding an early return to specie, but the Demócrata advocate an immediate repeal of the legal tender act, to take effect not later than July 4, 1876. The existence of a vigorous and honest oppoaition party in Michigan must be gratifying to al who long for a pure administration oi national afíairs. That State, by its location, ia well adapted for a battleground on which the currency conflic may be fought out ; and we rejoice to say that tho honest men have now the promise of victory. The Eepublicans of Michigan, unfortunately, adopted a currency resolution of uncertain import, its object being to reconcile the antagonisms of Senators Ferry anc Chandler. Had Senator Ferry carriot tho day, nothing would have interposec to prevont a división of partiea in Michi gan according to the views of voters on this iasue alone. As it is, men of earn est convictions, who desire a return to specie, will not fail to support the op position candidates.


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