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Because You Don't Pay

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saddest things about the small boy of the present day is the uncertainty which seems to attend hira as he bounds along through life. You can't always teil what he is going to say. At a Sunday school service held not long ago, an amiablo clergyman, endeavoring to illustrate the necessity of the Christian profession in order rightly to enjoy the benefactions of Providenoe, spoke as follows : " For instance, I want to introduce water into iny house ; I have it plumbed. The pipes and faucets are in good order, but I get no water. Now, why do I get ao water V" The reason, he wished tho young people to see, wus that he had made no communioation with the water main in the street. But the boys were too intent on pluinbing and water ratos. " Now, why do I get no water ?" " I know," shrieked a little one ; " you don't pay !" The fumes of a brimstono match will remove berry stains from a book, paper, or engraïing.


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