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A Sell, Not A Sale

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Amiable shop keepers deserve to be cauonized. Here is an illustration of the trials to which they are constantly subjected. One uiidsuminer day, when yEolus slept, and tho thermometer stood in the ninetios, a lady entered a store not a thousand miles off and inquired for parasols. The obliging proprietor spread out before her samples of a large and yaried stock. " Have you any of this shade a size larger ?" said the lady. The size was produced. " I think, on the whole, I prefer the size smaller." Tho siza smaller was presen ted. " Have you any of this size a lighter shade of blue '(" The required shado was brought out. " Haven't you any of this kind with a crooked handles r1" The shade with the crooked handle appeared. " Have you any with the crooked handle not quite so heavy ?" said the lady ; and so continued her inquiries for every conceivable size, shade, and weight possible in the line of parasols. After nearly an hour had been consumed, the fair shopper gathered up her handkerchief and gloves and inoved for the door. " Can't I sell you a parasol V" inquired tho exhausted proprietor. " Oh, dear, uo," replied the lady. " I was merely inquiring tho priees. I ain going into mourning myself, and have one for sale."


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