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An Earthquake At Night

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__ „ Tlie Liina, Peru, correspondent of the Chicago Tribune writes : Of all the horrors of an earthquake, those shocks which occur at night are the most terrible. Your bed rocks you like a very eradle ; and, throwing on the first clothing that lies handy, you attempt to draw with trembling hands the bolts of the doors of your house - that are meanwhile jarring-and crashing so that you seeni every moment in danger of being buried in a living tomb by the falling timbers - and then, when desperate fear has given you superhuman strength to pull the displaced bolta from their fastenings, you rush headlong, impelled by the oscillating lateral motion, into the disrnal streets, with a darkness that can be feit all around you - your knees quaking, and the cries of kneeling, awestricken wretches ringing in your ears. Such a feeling of intensity comes over you, such a sense of your own littleness, when the solid ground rolls and quivers under your feet ! Such a feeling of awe, and shrinking of your very soul, after the shock has passed on and over, and you are pallid and dazed, to think of it all. Sinith, the colored cadet who failed to pass examination at West Point, is said to bo preparing a statement in which he proposes to make disclosures ooncerning certain dark transactions and abuses at 1 the Military Academy.


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