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From the New York World. Will the Timei's arithmetic man be good enough to glance along the political ledger tor 1874, and toot up the balance in favor of the Deniocracy to date 'i In the following States, ït will be observed, the balance of votes has been transferred from the credit of the Republicana to the credit of the Democrats since 1872 : Dem. maj. Rep. maj. Dem. 1874. 1872. gain. New Hampshire, 1,465 5,443 6,908 Connecticut 6,772 4,218 10,990 Oregon, 532 3,493 4,025 Arkansas, 71,551 3,146 74,697 North Carolina, 13,000 23,904 37,000 Colorado, 2,000 1,336 3,336 Democratie gain in five States and one ïerritory, 136,956 The following memoranda give further particulars : March 10, New Hampshire State election. Majority of Weston, Democrat, for Governor, 1,465. Last election, majority of Straw, Republican, for Governor, 2,007. This year the Legislature is Democratie in both Houses. Lat year the Republican majority in the Legislature on joint ballot was 66. And this in spite of the Radical vote raanufactory at the Portsmouth Navy-Yard. April 6, Connecticut State election. The Democrats elect Ingersoll Governor by 6,772 majority, and increase their majority on joint ballot in the Legislature trom 4 to 54. June 1, Oregon State election. The Democrats elect Grover Governor by 532 majority, and wips out the Republican majority in the Legislature. June 30, Arkansas Constitutional election. The Democrats poll 80,016 votes for the convention, and the Radicáis 8,465 against it August 6, North Carolina State and Congressional elections. The Democrats elect their State ticket by 13,000, largely increase their majority in both branches of the Legislature, and elect seven Congre8smen out of eight ; a gain of two Congressmen. September 8, Colorado Congressional election. The Democrats elect Patterson, more than reversing Chaffee's majority of 1,350 in 18712. The following States have this year largely increased their Democratie majorities of 1872 : Dem. maj. Dem. ma. Dem. 1874. 1872. gain. Kentucky, 60,844 11,396 49,448 Tennessee, 50,000 10,736 40,000 Montana, 1,055 319 736 Wyoming, 600 271 329 Democratie gain in two States and two Territories, 90,513 In Kentucky the election this year was for State officers, and in Tennessee for county officers. The majorities of 60,000 and 50,000 speak for themselves. Montana and Wyoming again elect Democratie Congressmen. In Vermont the Dêmocrats gain thirty or forty members of the Legislature and reduce the Republican majority on the State ticket by several thousand. Republican majorities for Congressmen are diminished and Poland retired to private life. In Maine the Democrats have gained ground on their opponents by increasing their representation in the Legislature and reducing the Republican majority for Governor by 5,000 votes since 1872. In addition to all this the Democrats of New York have adopted a platform and nominated candidates which the people are oertain to accept by sweeping majorities, while Western Democrats are steadily consolidating for victory on a Hard-Money platform. Will Republicans frankly post the books ?


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