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How To Bathe

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A modeiately coarse towel is the bes article for bathing. It should be a yare long, bo that the ends can ba taken in the hands and drawn across the baol easilyThe common towel bath is th most generally available and useful. I is impo8sible to cleanse the skin by vio lent scratching with a flesh brush or an; othflr harsh substanoe. Soaking or keep ing the skin wet for some time is the on ly way to oleanse the skin without rub bing it off. A thorough wash once a week which requires from one to two hours, i inuch better than the samo time spen on seven baths a week. And for persons who are so pressed fo time by oocifpation which gives sufficien exercise, one bath a week will do ver well, except in hot weather and in dust; work. And in hot weather, when we perspire freely, it does not tako so long to properly bathe. There is a scarf skin formed over the true skin, caused by the insensible per spiration drying on it. In a huried bath, when the body is on ly wet aud wiped, this skarf skin is no started, and we are unconscious that it i there. When we bathe a little longer say 10 to 15 minutes, the scarf will be started and rub up in little rolls ; bu when we keep bathing for an hour thi will be all washed off aud will not rul up. Most bathers never get boyond the rirst degree of bathing, and are no aware that they have a scarf all over them ; others get to the seoond degree But it requires the third degreo to thor oughly cleanse the skin and this will do it. Two waters should be used, one to wash in and one to rinse in. Castile soap may be used to advantage in the firat water, but the rinsing water shoulc be pure. Nuver wipe out of soapy wa ter. If only one water can be had it i better to use no Boap. Have the rinsing water a little cooler than the first water and let it be as cold as is agreeable. In commencing a bath, if the water or air is too cool for comfort, wet the towel ant wring it out ; then go over the bod; quick and vigorously with a damp tow el, commencing at the feet, and going upward. This will produce no shock or chili, and the wash will be pleasant. The towel you wash with rinse anc wring out as dry as possible. It is bes to wipe with a damp towel ; vigorousl; used it will wipo the skin clean and leave it sinoother than a dry towel ; and this i true of the hands and face as well as the body. It is good to wash the head anc hair as well as the body, especially those subject to catarrh or colds in the head. When the skin is clean it is much les sensitive to cold, and we are much les liable to take cold with the same expos


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