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- The Michigan Teacher warns teachers and county superintendent not to vote for Henry Chatuberlain for Oovernor, " because lie is a persistent foe of the county superintendency." A fact whioh, judging by the expression made by naineious boards of supervisors, and from the petitions sent into the Legislature at recent sessions, will make him popular with the people, who out-number the teachers and superintendent. - Tho Cincinnati Commercial makes game of the New York Ilerald's proposi tion to share with the press the expense of another Nortb Pole expedition, paying one-iourth the shot. The Commercial makesacouuterproposition: to contnbute $1,000,000, provided each of its eoteraporaries throughout the country - little fish as well as big ones - will pay $1,000 ; or $100,000 with a similar levy of $500 upon each cotemporary. - Mrs. W. 8. treorge, wife of the senior publisher of the Lansing Repvblican, died at Denver, Col., on the 3d iust., whither she had gone, accompanied by her band and sister, in searoh of health. Mra. George was an estimable lady, and the whole oommunity in wbich she ra. sided 8ympathize with her bereaved husband and two motherless ohildren. Her maiden name was Papmeau. - The Hillsdale Standard, a woman suffrage organ with Republican proclivities, or vice versa, speaks of Susan B. Anthony, the young, beautiful and brillianj lady who is now porarnbuleting this State in the interest of her enslaved and down-trodden sisters, as that " relict of Methuselah." Susan should pull that fellow's ears when she drops down upon Hillsdale. - The hardest boned man we know of is named Kennedy, and has been at work on the new Capítol at Lansing. A few days ago a slab of stone weighing between tLree and four thousand pounds feil upon both of his lega " badly crushing them." The stone was broken but nary bone : that is if the Tribune " local " is to be believed. - The sixth animal meeting of the American Woinan Suffrage Association was held in Detroit on Tuesday and Wednesday. The delegations from other States were not large, but included the mosï prominent workers. The proceedings have been given to the public in full through tb e dailies. - The Detroit Tribune speaks sneeringly of Fidus Livermore as a "War Demoorat." It is within our personal knowledge that Mr. Livermore took a very active part in working up the war spirit as soon as hostilities broke out, and that his services were in constant demand at war meetings. - H. E. Sargent, for years the General Superintendent of the Michigan Central Eailroad has resigned and Wm. B. Strong, lately appointed AssistantGeneral Superintendent has been promoted. Mr. Ledyard, a grand-son of Gen. Cass, takes the position of Assistant Saperintendent. - Gen. Williams hastened to the front at the breaking out of tke late war of the rebellion, while Moses W. Field sent a substitute and made good use of his talents and time in bounty-grabbing. Which ought to be honored by the eleotors of the First Congressional District? - The Alleaan Democrat suggests that the Demócrata and Keformers of the Fifth Congressional District can afford to hire Zack Chandler to deliver twenty speeches in the district instead of the five for which he has been posted by the State Committee. - President Grant plead a press of public duties as an excuse for declining to visit Spriugfleld, 111., and deliver the address at the unveihng of the Lincoln monument. And yet he is on a junketing expedition through the Indian Torritory. - Report saya that Postmaster-General Jewell is in bad odor in Administration ciroles, and that he contemplates resigning. His efforts at reform and the lopping off of excrescenoes are uot palatable. - We flnd one ray of light in the reeleotion of Foster, Rep., in the Tenth Ohio District. He will prove a piercing and irritating thorn in the side of Ben. Butler. - Ben Butler bas been renominated for Congress. The fees he has pooketed commend him to his constituents. Impudence and success hide a multitude of sins. - Colfax is no more : his city has gone Democratie, his connty bas gone Democratie, his district has gone Democratie. Killed by Credit Mobilier. - Secretary Robeson has made a little speech, and has declared that President Grant has no idea of running for a third term. But Grant says nothing.


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