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Leading A Cow

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Every woman will teil you that a man can be led easier by putting an arm around the neok than by pulling his hair, but the writer never knew till reoently that the reason you oannot lead a oow behind a wagon is because she objects to having her horn8 pulled. The ot her day a red-shirtod emigrant passed through on his way to Carroll county. His family and household possessions were in a covered wagon, to the end of which was fastened a cow. Behind, with a sharp stick, walked the emigrant, giving her a smart welt occasionally when she hung back. Every now and then she would brace herself and stop the team, and then, in unclerical language he would beseech her to go on, marking each foroible period with a prod of the sharp stick. The poor cow rolled her eyes and rolled her tongue. The poor emigrant too, was dusty and tired, but his voice and stick didn't fail him. She had suddenly halted the procession in front of the postoffice, and shaking her head in reply to his earnest entreaties, when a man called out to Red Shirt that he didu't understand cows worth a cent. " Well, what are you going to do about it ?" said Eed Shirt. " Why, just take the rope off her horns and pat it around her neck, and she will lead as quiet as a lanib. If she don't 111 follow her a mile myself." The rope was changed to her neck, and the team started! The cow gave a look of surprise, and walked along. " Well, that beats all," said Red Shirt, and without a word of thanks he mounted his wagon. The procession moved on toward Carroll county, and the cow followed with countenance as placid as if she were walking home at milking time.


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