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The Coal-imp

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I was sitting oiie night by niy fire - Twm a flre of WestmorelftQd coal With a mixture of coke, wbich I recommond As a comfort for body and soul. BIS cliainber was cozy and warm ; TIip ourtalns were closod all a round ; And the snow at the windowB ratüed auuy With a noft and tinkling sound. As I at in my easy chair, I think it liad got to be late ; And over the top of my book I aw A face in the lowiug grato. An ugly oíd face, too, it was - Wltö wtngH and a tatl- I declaro And the rest was ashfiB, and snioke, au 1 1 l a '■ And ended - I dou't kiunv where. Sn odd were the features, I said " I must put you on paper, my friend ; And took my pen and jottod liim down - Face, wiii;s, anti wriggling end. ' A queer old codeer he soemed, Au vagui-ly ho etared and shone ; But I fixed hini in outllne as well aa Iiould, And addc.i a touch of my own. He flapped lus tviugn in the gratê, And KlruifgJed and puffed to bo froo, And Bcowled with hi blazing carbunclo eyos, Aa if he apjiealud to me. Then I Baid - but perhaps I droamed - II Old follow- how oame you üicre?" " I'm not an old fellow " - tho face replied, " But a priMoned üüp of the air. II In the nhape of combustión and gas My viugn I begin to nnd out ; Sn I flap at the burw and grow recl in the face, And am ugly euough, no doubt. " I am made ftr a much botter lot ; But I cannot encape, qh you me ; Blistered and burnt, and erammed in a gratiï - What could you expect of mo ? II 1 once was a wpirit of air, A delicate fairy page, Long, long ago - in fact, bofore The carboniferous ase. ' For centuries I was kopt Imprisonod in coal-bed faat. "Whcu you kindled your ñre this eyening, you &ee, I thought I was freo at laat. 11 But it seem I am till to wait ; No wouder I m erom au a baar, Make faces, and flutter my winga Of flftmö, And btruggle to reach the ,ir.M " My ruby-f aced friend," I eaid, " If you really wlsh to be free, FcrhapH I can give you .n liit or two. It'a easy cnough. We'll öoo " hen, taking the poker, I punched A hole in the half-burnt maas - When the firo leapod up, and the inip flew oflf In a Uiugh of flamiug gaB. - Scribner'ë


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