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The popnlation of Nubraeka in now 300,000, having doubled iu the last frwo years. The Texas cattlo are being improved by tlie iutroduction of blooded stock cattle. Neahly $7,000,000 of internal revenue was collected duriBg 1874 iu tho city of New York. Op 412 womeu who applied for relief from the Nesmith poor t'nud of Lowell, in 1874, 110 were deserted wives. Liting in Berlín has more than doubled in oost since the days bef ore the late war. The popidation also has greatly increasod. Kalakaoa is an able personage on wheels. Since leaving home the King has traveled 8,000 miles, averaging 133 miles a day. Adam Klem, a Trisco barber, being refused by Johamia Dilter, tendered her a ebatoe betweon a wedding and a funeral. She merely slapped his face. An Ohio youth is to be hanged next March for killing a small boy to obtein possession of a pound of brown sugar. It was the principie of the thing, not the sngar, which influenced the jury. Mr. Callan, one of the oldest inhabitants of Washington, drank wine with the tirst Adams on New Year's Day, and an older inhabitant, David Hebron by name, has shaken hands with every President tam Washington down. Bkv. Cyrus W. Olitver, of Jersey City, poiuted at two of his lady listeners, caüed them by name and pronounced ttiem tho black sheep of Israel, lost in the mountain of sin. And they had him arrested for defamation of character. The Soicntific American jusüy denounces the habit of visitors kissing the baby. A strictly pathological view of tlie subject leads to the belief that best way is to kiss the mother, when she is young and pretty, and let her give it to the inftuit A man was recently found lying insen; sible iu the street by the pólice of Balti more. He has since been claimed by a woman who positively identified him as her husband, and by a young man, a strangcr to the woman, who is just as positive that the man is his long-lost father. IjIeut.-Col. Long, formerly editor of a newspaper in Marylaud, and now an : officer in tho service of the Khedive of Egypt, claims to have discovered the trae source of the Nile, in latitude 1 deg. 30 min., and between Urondogani i and Uganda. As the source has been i long looked for, it is appropriate that it should be Long found. The Brooklyn Arrits says : "We see it stated that Col. Sam Pike, of Oliio, stavtcd no less than forty -two papers duriug his eventful career. Col. Sam Bard, , of Georgia, has started about the same immber, but in each case tho Sheriff started so aoon for Sam, that he nevi r could teil whetner he was mant for a journalist ór a flying mach ne." Senator Schtjrz contemplates residing i in the neighborhood of either Boston ( r New York for a year or two after he I leuves the Senate, with the view to betfcr facilit.'es for the preparation of a political history of the United Stater, whioh is among his literary plans for the future, and for which he has made a large accumulation of materials. " Boitin's Bower " in Boston is a place well-noted for its more than bon of the mytlncal "JJower that existed in Diekens' imaginatíon. It in a temporary liome for all poor girls who fail to procure sufficient employnient to ! support themselves. The leadïng spirit ' of the iiistitution is a Misa Jennie Colline", I through whose efforts it was inaugurated and exista. She has made it lier one obI ject in life to alleviate the miseries of ! SUoh girls, and right well has ahe sxicceeded. The Boston Olobc's report of Kalakaua's visit to the patent medicine manufaetory of Cherry Pectoral Ayer, says: "Rather an interesting episode occurred while the party were in the ' vigor ' de partment. Mr. Ayer said : ' Here is where you can get yoiu head replinished rith liair if it is naked. ' Kalakana replied: ' Why do you not put some on your own : head, theri?' Inasmuch as Mr. Ayer's head ia vary bald, the point -was quickly seon, and a hearty laugh ensued."


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