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To the Senate and Boute RfprrwnaHrt : In my animal message of Dec. 1, 1870, wliile inviting general attentiou to all rocommendatioiiH mado by the Secrotary of War, your special attention was invited to the importanee of preparing for war in the armiug of our sea-coast clcfensos. Proper armament is of vastly more I importanee than fortiticatioiw. The latter onn ! bo supplied ven1 epeedily for temporary purpoees wnen needed. .Tüe former canuot. Tneso , views gain increaaed atreoeth and pertineuce as ■ the years roll by. I have now again tho honor ! to call npecial "attention to the condition of the armament of our fortióeationa and tho absolute necesHity for immediate provisión by Congress for the procuremeut. of heavy cannon. The large expenditure required tosupplythe number of gunB for our forte is the Btrougeat argument that can be adduocd for a liberal anuual appropnation for their gndual aooumulation. In time of war hucIi preparationa oannot be made; cannon cannot be purcharcil n open market, nor manufacturod at short notice. Tlifïy must be the product of years of experienced labor. I herewith inclose copies of the reports of the Clüef of Ordnance ana of tho Board of Ordnanco Olncers on tho trial of the 8-inch rirle, converted from the 10-inch smooth-bore, which show very concliiKively an economical means of utüizing tlie ihc1csk ninoot!i-boreK, and making tlipm intn K-inoli rilles, capublo of piercing aevfii inches of iron. The 1,294 10-inch Rodmau guns should, in ' my opinión, be so utilizad, and tho appropriation requented by the Chieí of Ordnauce of : 8250,000 to commenoe thflee conveoni is ! Mmtutly rMonuanddi AYhile coavinoed of the economy and ïiece fiity of these conversiona, the determination of the best and most economical met bod of providing gtmfl of still larger caliber ehoiUd no longer be delayed. Tho experienoO of othor ia fcions, based on the new conditiona of defénse brought prominently by the iutroduction of : Üron-cladfl into every navy atioat, domando heavier metal, and rifle-gima of not Ichh tlian twolve luches in caliber. These enonnouH nuiHHCH, hnrling a shet of 700 poiuidH, can alone meet many of the reqülremetitB of tho national defenses. Thoy must bo providod, and experimenta on a largo Hoale can alone rívg tho data neceHfiary for tho determinution of the quefition. A Buitabie proving ground, with uil tlie facilities and convenienccH refen'cd to bv the Chief of Ordnance, with a liberal animal appropriation, ia m undoubted DdCêBslty. Tho gnn ready for trial oannot be tested without fundfl, and the cstimate of $260,000 for the purpose in deemed reasoiïal)le, and 'm etrongly reeommended. Tlio constaut appeals for legislation on "annament of fortifications " ought no longer to bo disregarded, if CongrcHs deaire in peaco to prepare important material the want of whioh in future wars munt inovitalily lead to dinanter. TIiíh subject is bubmittcd witïi the hopo that the coimideration it desesvea mav be giren it at the present Hension. íShnied) üiXECUTIVE IY1ANHION. Jan. 2(1, 1BVO.


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