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Presidential Elections

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The followiug is the text of Mr. Morton s proposed amendnient to tho Constftutíon onangiBg i the mode of electing our President and VieePresident, now pending in the United StaUa Senate : Jïixolned, By the fienate oud Ifoufe of lirpresentaHvet in Vongrexs Asxcmbled, Two-Tlúrds of Each House Coneurring Therein, That the following article is hereby proponed as an amendment to the Conntitutiou of the United Staten, and, when ratiñed by the Legislaturen of three-fonrthö of the State, Khall be made valid to all intenta and purposea as part of the Cunsütution, to "wit : Articm: 1. The President and Vice-Presideut shall be elected by direct vote of the people, in maniier foüowiög : Each State nhall be divided iuto district eqii,al in nnmber to the nnmber of IïcprcHentativeH to ïvhich the State may be entitled in Congreas, to be componed of contiguous territory, and be su nearly eijual in tiou a máy be ; and the peraou having the highest number of voten in each district for President, nhall receivo the vote of that district, which shall be connted one Pi'eidential vote. 2. The perwon having the highewt number of votea for President in a State, hall reccive two - Irenidcntial votCH from the State at large. 3. The person having the highest number of Presidential voten in the United Staten shall be Prcaident. 4. lf two persons have tho same number of votes in auy State, it being the highest number, they nhall receivo each one presidential vote from the State at large, and if more than two persons nhall havo oach the same number of votes in any State, no Presidential vote shall bo eonnted from the State at large. If more persons shall have the same muuber of votes, it being the highest number in any district, no Presidential vote shall be counted from that ' trict. 5. The foregoiiig provisiouH shall apply to the electiou of Vice-PreHident. 6. The CongreBS hIihü have power to provide for holding and conducting electiois of dent and Vice-PreHident, and to establish trib únala for tho decisión of such elections as may be contested. 7. States sliall be divided into distriots by the Legislatures thereof, but Congress may at any timo by Uw, make or alter the samo.


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