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The Lenten Fast

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Wednesday the great Inenten season of forty days began, and in accordance with hia usual custoin the Eoman Catholic Bishop Borgess, of this See, has issued a letter of instructions to his people as follows : 1. All persons who have oonipleted their twenty-first year of age are obliged to observe all the days of Leut (Sundays excepted) as fasting days. 2. Ou these days only one full meal U allowed, whioh is to be taken at noon. 'i. Goueral usage has made it lawful bo take a cup of coffee, tea or thin choculate and a cracker in the morning. 4. A collation is sllowed in the evening ; no rule as to the quantity of food perniittod at the collation can be given, but the practica of good ChriMtians is not to exceed the fourth part of au ordinary nieal. .". Exompt from the obligation of fasting are : All who are not tweutyone years of age ; nursiug womeu ; the sick, and all who are engagod in hard labor. 6. By dispensation the use of flush meat is allowed at every meal on Sun days, and at one full uieal ou Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in Ember and Holy Week and Holy ïhursday. 7. An entire abstinence from flosh meat is enjoined overy Wednosday and Friday in Lent and the abova excepted days. 8. Fish and flesh meat aro forbidden at the satne mual on auy of the days in Lent. 9. The use of lard in the preparation of food, of eggs, milk, butter and clioose is permitted during Lent ; but warm fish is prohibeted at the collation. In cases of doubt the pastor or oonfos sor is to be oonsulted, wlio raay dUpeBM or oommute, as the particulnr case inay require.


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