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- The Juniors have determined uot to celebróte the demise of Physics this year. - Owing to the illness of Prof. Adams no services will be held in University Hall, until a week from neut Kimday. - Gen. N. P. Banks lectures thin evening in Univeraity Hall. subject: " What a Man owes to the Towu he Lives in." - A report comes trom Chicago that Prof. Boise, formerly of our University, is abo ut to sever his conuection with the University of Chicago. - The Legislative messenger boys got up a small " rush " at University Hall, Wednesday evening, and gave a student named Parker a lively " shake." - The electiou of four new Chronicle editors took place last Saturday, and resulted in the choice of Messrs. Burry, Daniels, Campbell, and Steere. Tho editors holding over are Messrs. Burt, Burch, Davis, and Parker. - The Junior Hop, which took place last Friday night, proved the most brilliant aftair of the season. TJpward of 60 couple attended, iucluding the elite of our own and other cities, . and everythiug passed off in a pleasant and elegant manuor. Among the guests from abroad were Misses Eodcliff, Gillet, Shaw, Wilkins, Brockway, Dudgeon, Esseltyn, Stewart, Stanton, Parker, and Mrs. DeMill and daughters - all from Detroit; and Miss Johnson and Miss Smith, of Toledo, and Miss Smith, of East Saginaw. The dancing con tinued until the early hours of Saturday mornine. - The Grand Chapter of the Phi Delta Phi ■"raternity held their annual conveution and anquet in thia city yesterday. The banquet was served at Haugsterfer's, and was one of ie finest affairs giveu thia season. Among ïose present were Judge Cooley, of the Sureme Bench ; Hon. Moses B. Walker, LL. D., f Findlay, Ohio ; Daniel B. Hibbard, Esq., of )etroit ; Mr. Louis E. Morris, of Mauistee ; ". D. Ronan, Esq., of Monroe, and many ther Alumni members of this Chapter. 'he Fraternity seems to be in a very flourishng condition, and as its objects are such as ot only aid a studeut while in the study of ie law, but extend into the practico of the ame in a manner well adapted to elévate the trofessional ethics of the bar. We see no eason why this Fraternity at some future day will not accomptish those ends ao much needed ; present in the profession of law. We understand that there are soon to be several ew chapters introduced into the different eading law colleges of this couutry. We wish the fraternity the greatest success. ouua a norse blanket in the road, and by this new he was on the right track. A little urther _on he found another, when he commenced on a doublé quick, and after a run of early two miles, caught up with the runways, the otherside of Christian Eberbach's, n the middle Ypsilanti road. He got upon is load, turned around and in a short time was again in the market, waitiug for a buyer. About ten o'clock he did come down a little, nd finally sold his load to a gentleman on Huron street for three dollars. Now, as he aid two dollars for ït on the ground and sold on tick at that, and as he had run a bilí for iquor during the day, which amounted to a ollar and a quarter, he carne to the concluon that ït had been a poor day for him, but eeinod perfectly satisfled, and being a jolly ort of a fellow, went home singing " uot for be."


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