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A Wood Vender's Experience

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Monday morning, one Jacobs who liyes ín Milán, reached this city about nine o'clock with a large load of beach and maple wood, and look bia custoraary stand on the market. As tlio day was a cold one, he was in hopes, by making a small reduction trom iormer prioes, to dispose of it and be on his way home at an eavly hour. In this he was doomed to disappointment, for on tliis particular day a large amount of wood waa offered for sale, and in a rnajority of cases at very reasonable prices. But Jacobs was not a man to be trifled with, wheu once making up his raind to do a thing. He had set his price, and low too, as he thought, and " by hokies" he would have it, or tay nntil the " last - dog was hung." And ;ay he did. Occasionally he would visit a aloon near by and take a " stomach girt," and fter warming himself go back, hoping soon to nd a purchaser. The day waa beginning to wane, and the prospecta of getting home beore midmght were decidedly against him. If ie only knew of aome poor woman, he would ladden her heart by making her a present of ie wood. Yea siree. When informed that e would bo none the poorer by so doing, and jiven the name of a number, he remarked he was only foohng and needed the profit of the wood for his own benefit. About 8 o'clock he went and took another " stomach girt" and remained some time to warm. When he reurned, his horaea were no where to be seen. ie made a number of inquirías, but all to no turpose, and like a sensible man started puruit "of them. Near the steam saw mül he


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