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The Toilers Of Age

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Among those whom Gov. Tilden ïnvited to attend tho Bryan EeeeptiOB was A.. T. Stewart, who replied by a pohlo ftpte, He rould Kit uparo the time. Iu fwi, Stewaït has not been in Albuny siucc he attonded afl a lobbyist, m order id prevent the Broadway railway. Stewart is 74, and being the owner of many millions, might indulge m an eaay mode of life, but such is not his disposition. This leads me to observe that New York oontaina a remarkable gronp of labonous , old men- toñera con amorc- amateurs of work, whese zest of life would be lost without the daily task. In addition to Btewart, there is Moses Taylor, who is nearly of the same age. He is 1 resident of the City Bank, and is worth j .-■.-,.000,000, but his application to business is of an unremitting character. i Commodore Vanderbilt, at 80, may be I found daily at liis office. This is not in the Grand Union Depot (kis place there i being supplied by bis sou William), bnt ia next to hifl resfdenoe in Fourth street, ' a quiet and retired spot suitccl to a calculator. The front room is occnpied by a clerk, and in the rear office tho Commodore receives special visitors, and goes through bis daily duty. His library of railway reporta 'is well read, and he lias books of calculationsupon transportaron, and all the minutipo of his realm, which are thoroughly studied. If ho omitted this, he would soon sink mto dotage. William B. Astor, who is more than 80, visits the land office every day, imd keeps a elcar view of his immense estáte although its principal care is in the hands of liis son, John Jacob. George Law and Daniel Drew aro now 76, and yet attend to their usual engagementa Peter Cooper is 81, and yet calis himself a business man, and has a private oflioe in the institution which he founcled, where he carries on daily routine. wan l Mathews, 70, is oager 101: w occupyhis suites of offices noar WaU streel Charles O'Conor, at 78, ia still in legal practico, though he objects to going before a jury. These men Work in obedionce to the law of nato wluch makes industry essential to the gretigst amount of liappiness. I may ailcl tliat all our millionaires (except a few who ïnherited woaltli) ure over GO. Our oldest working pastor is fouryears younger than Bryant. I refer to btephon H ïyng, rector of Bt. Geofte's Church, i who is 75. Ho still retains his power to a remarkable degrec, and is able to . fy the tastos of a critical congregaron. ( In his day of fuUneas Rector Tyng was a model of pulpit eloquence. He has now the mildness, bat not the chili, of oid ; age, but what lio has lost in] ftre ia gainod in love. The next of our ministry in point of years is Ver„lilvc, of the Beformed Putch (.hurch, who is Tyiig's junior by only throo yeara To these is to be added the once brilliant Samuel H. Cox, who, though „„.„■Kr s.i still occasionally appears m


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