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A Parisian Confidence Man

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A gay Parisian, who lias been famed for liis luxurious apartments and turnout and general liigh airs, lias just come to &ricf and been sent to jail. His ñamo is Hyacintlie Auber. He was iu jail once before, but was pardoned out by Napoleon III., to whoao dynasty he vowed etenaal devotion. Having aknowledge of all the inns and outs of París Ufe, he has contribnted in various ways to tíie necessities of life at Chiselhurst since Sept. 4. Upon the occasion of the eighteenth birthday of the Pririce Imperial several deputations went from Paris. One of them was charged to obtain the Prince's acceptance of a sword enriched with diamonds, upon tho hilt of which wóuld be engraved such words aa " tormo, oe aaujpvji, xiiavij..- and on the blade " Semper ubique iidelis." The order for the sword was given to M. Langlon. But as Hyaointbe Auber fomid it more convenient to keop he 150,000 francs which wero to pay for ,be order iu bis own pocket, the sword was never iiniabed ; and so nico was bis adroitness tbat it was only after be bnd swindled the j(!weler out of 100,000 'rancs wortb of parures tbat the latter ïanded liim over to the pólice.


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