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Plain Explanations Of Obscure Proverbs

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" Tlie more the merrier. Multitudinoïis assemblages are the most provocativo of cachinnatoryhilarity. " Birds of a feather flock together." Habitants of ether, similarly plumod, gregariously asscmble. " Out of the frying-pan into the fire. Etnergence from the culinary utensil into the devouring element. " Too niaiiy cooks spoil the brèth. A Buperfluity of artista deteriorates the mock turtle. " A stitch in time saves nine." A comiecting cotton link, properly os tablished, is ïiinefoldly economioal. "Ttis a long lano that has noturn ing." jJhat rustic pathway is bdubitebl longitudinal that has no circumlocution " Love me, love my dog." Evince an amatory disposition toward myself ; let your deportment toward my canino be also affectionate. "Those who live in glass houBce ihouldn't throw stones." Dwellers in cryfltal palacea should i 'rain from the propulsión of i ihaped pai-ticles of granito formation. "'Tisanill wind tliat blows nobody j good." The blast of .ZEolus is indeed malevu ! ilent that beneüteth not, tliough liomeopathicolly, some portion of humanity. " A bird in the hand is worth two in thebush." ! A natiiral production of the feathered tribe, properly seoured, is moro than equivalent to a greator munber in a comparativa state of freedom. A New Haven paper says tliat Mr Button, an agod oyster-dealer, wais knocked out of his wagon and robbed on Saturday night. öerved him right. Any dealer in aged oysters deserves to biï treated juut that way. The Bev. Mr. Buzzard is the name of ad Iowa divine.


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