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A Sheep War In Colorado

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A Denver correspondent says : There - being no law to protect thein againnt the iheep which nibble off their pastures, the cattle ovners have been obligeJ to take the law in their om hands, and a law as bloody as thoso of Draco thoy i liave made for the poor seeep. A partieularly notorious case is that of a sheepsjrazer named Ohilds, who, about a year igo, took up his reaidenee in Huérfano county, and'whon certain cattle-o-wnero, policemen-like, ordered him to " move on," under penalty of harm to his sheep, said he had a magazine of Winchester rifles ready for all who triod on that littlo gtuae. Tho catüe-men, however, bidod tlu-Lr time, and one fine dny, whon they kncw Ohilds was away and thore was no one to man hia Vincheüter battory, rode to his ranoh and quictly cut the throats of 600 sliecp, more or lesa, including a number oí' íiae Merino bucks, worth $125 each. Tor this Childs aa yet has had no reparation; nor is i';likely that hesoon will. Tho next Lu-gest niaasacre of the ïnnooents took jjlace last month, when a party by the name of Pollock, aisq living in Huérfano couïity, nací bW sneep poisoueu, ( ouo night, when it was so cold that all J his watch-dogs had beon driven in doors. One lmndred and frventy-fivc of the sheep bad died béfbre morning. The Lides were aovad tbroiigh the j ' owners turning in aiding their ' ate asaociate in ekinning them. Bosides theso notorions cásea, there have been a ; i numbcr of minor masflacrea, resulting in j the slaying of between 2,000 and 3,000 i sheep. To remedy this state of affaaia, the Stock Growers' Association prepared a resolution depreoating further progresa i of this burbai-ons BOlt of hostilitios, reoognúing the right of the sheep to the public domain, and proposing that the two interests showld co-oporate and umto for the snppression of what was a mutual injury of both.


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