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A Substitute For Mr. Hulbert's Bill

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establishing a School of Mines at the University, was reported from the joint committees on TJniversity and Normal School, Agrioultural College, and Mines and Minerals, on Tuesdy. It provides for a professor of mining engineering, a professor of metlalurgy, and the necessary instructora, and appropriates $8,000 per annum for their salaries, with $40,000 for a new building, fifty by eighty feet, three stories high, to furnish model, lecture, recitation, and working rooms. The Free Press reporter says that " the bill met with favor, both with the public and the Logislature." The New Hampshire election on Tuesday had a mixed result. The vote was the largest ever polled in the State. There was no election for Governor, the temperanoe or prohibitory candidato getting just votes enough to defeat an election. The Senate stands, Democrats, 5 ; Eepublicans, 5 ; two districts no election. Tho Kepublicans claim a majority in the House, but don't know how large. The Deinoorats claim the Council. The Democrats elect two members of Congresa (gain of one), and the Republicans one. And this is the result of the most determined and desperate effort it was possible for the Eepublicans to make. It shows that the Democrats cannot rest on their arms, and that wherever they gain a State they must act judioiously and wisely, so as to lose no ground. Whkn Zack Chandlei made haste to turn his back upon Lausing (Jan. 21st.) and flee to Washington, the faithful expected to hear of hurricanes and earthquakes, of slaughtered ku-kluk, annihilated white-leaguers, drawn and quatered " copperheads " and Demócrata, and disemboweled British lions. But when he remained quiet in his seat, growled never ao lightly, and only cooed like a suckiug dove, amazeinent sat upon the countenance of political friend and foe. The secret of this singular action is now out. He was engaged in the laudable work of writing hia political autobiography for the Detroit Post, the readera of which were deluged, on Friday and Saturday last, with nine long and leaded columns, to -be read only by those having good sound policies in non-re ligious lile compames. The position of President pro tem. of th present Senate will be coníerred upon either Senator Anthony or Senator Ferry, of this State - probably upon the latter. Should our senior Senator be thus honored by his colleagues, he will become President of the republis for a day, it the Springfield República) is correct in its computations. It says : as the 4th of March in 1877 will come on Sunday, the next President cannot be inaugurated til Monday, but President Grant's and Vice President Wilsou's tenns will expire on Sunday, and so the President pro tem. of the Senate will become President of the United States during the interim, holding the office twenty-four hours." - Detroit Tribune. How Mr. Ferry is to be " President of the republic for a day," as claimed by the Tribune (though President pro tem as he is), is more than we can figure out. His term of office as Senator wil expire the same day and hour as the ternas of President Grant and VicePresident Wilson, and he certainly cannot hold the office of President pro tem of the Senate, or President ad interim, after he has ceased to be Senator. If he is re-elected SeiAtor (as he does no stand the ghost of a chance of being) he would have to be re-elected President pro tem by the Forty-fifth Congress to give him a chance at the honor the Tribune sees in store for hiru. Our co temporary should try again. The Chicago Tribune also declares that the National Constitutiou should be so amende( as to reqnire the cali of the roil on the fiua passage of every measure. It also adds the suggestion that this amendment should be ac companied by another, to-wit : That the fina vote on no bul shall be taken until the bill with all its amendments, and in the form which it is to pass, shall have been printed Such a system of managing legislation would secure something like the proper consideration of indivdual measures, would greatly im pede the progress of "jobs," and would abol ish the present ridiculous method of transact ing public business, undei which a whole ses sion is devoted to "playing" at work, and al most all the important law-making is done in the last two days. - Detroit Tribune. We don't know about the " printing ' condition. A better one would be a provisión BÍmilar to that of the Michi gan Constitution ; that every bil should have but one object, that objec to be expresaed in its title. Tha would kill "joba" which are now plas lered, at the last minute, all over bill with which thay have no relation. I might also be well to prohibit the in troduction of any new bill written within ten days of the close of a session Another thing, in addition to requirini a yea and nay vote on every bill, an that ia a majority vote of all the mem bera elect to pass any bill. Now a bare quorum (or less than a quorum grind bilis through, and the most im portant bilis are passed by a minority vote. Mombers are paid liberal sala ries to work for their constituents, an should be in their seats. Legislation will continue both ignorant and corrup until these reforma are made. The ice blockade in the Detroit river, which has been bo disastrous to travel and through trafilo on the Canada Southern Boad for the past four weeks, has been so far removed that the transfer boats between Trenton and Amherstburg have again been put in operation. It is the intontion of the management to place palace and sleepiug coaches on the Road to run to Buffalo, and also the Wagner coaches to run through to Boston without change. It is thought the new cars will be put on at once, but it may be several days before the change can be brought about, as the management desire to make the new arrangement a iuooesa.


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