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A law of 1S67 providod that the Joard of Health of any oity or village, he Mayor or Comruon (Jounoil of any ity and the offioer or board having conrol of any almshouse, prison, house of orroction or jail, shall surrondor the lead bodies of such persons as may ro[uire to be buried at public expense to ractising physicians of tho Medical Jepartment of the University, for disseotion. There were oertain conditions attached to this provisión, but no penaltics made for its violation. It has ;herefore become praotioally inoperative, and for two years past the University has hardly received a subject in oompliance with its pronsions. ín view of the rocent body-snatching developments in Gonessee county, Mr. Billings introduced a bilí amendinding ;hÍ8 law iu some particulars, and adding to the first soction the following : Any of said officers who shall neglect to comply with any sueh request after being tendered the money so required to be depositod, shall be subject to a penalty of $100 for each body that he neglects to ship as aforesaid, one-half oi which shall go to the party making the demand and depOBit as aforesaid : Promded, That the University and each and every medical institution shall not receive into their possession such bodies as are procured in this State others than those provided for by the provisions of this act, and every individual or party violating this provisión shall be deemed guilty of a misdetneanor." Mr. Billings, in an effective speech explained the necessity of sume penalty to secure the carrying out of the act and of the necessity of same lega means of procuring subjeots, and if we would avoid grave robbing. A uumber of amendments to the phraseology anc some minor provisions of the bill were made and its provisions were debatec for an hour or more. It was agreed to with the penalties mentined above re maining in. A Social Sensatlon in Washington. The latest social sensation, says the Washington oorrespondent of the Bos ton Herald, is that caused by the arres of a young man named St. Clair, other wise known as " Sis" Sinolair. Thi young man found great enjoyment in attending the numeróos fashionable balls, parties and reoeptions given here during the present winter, attired in the clothing of a fashionable belle o the season. His " get up " was some wbat remarkable, and, strange to say he played his difficult part so well tha he was not discovered until Wednesda; evening last, while in attendaance a the Minnesota State Association at Ma sonic Temple. There he attended anc attracted much attention, being, as i were, one of the leading belles of the evening. His dress was of the lates fashion, and he wore four button white kid gloves. His hair ornamentation were procured at the same place where other belles procure them, and were de cidedly tasteful. He has a very femi nine appearince, and as a lady woulc be called very good looking.


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