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I. O. G. T. County Convention

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Rev. John Russell, G. W. C. T., of the Order of üood Templars in this State, has addressed the following to the members of the Lodges in this, county : Office op G. W. O. T., I. O. of G. T. ) Detroit, Feb. 13, 1875. To all membera of the Independent Order of Good Templars iu Washtenaw county : I desire to assist you in holding a conven;ion March 25 and 26, at such place as may be designated by your district deputy. I sugïest tJiat the convention be not composed of Lelegales, but of all meiiibers of the subordínate lodge s who may find it possible to attend ; ;hat it commence at 10 o'clock A. M., and coninue two days ; that the flrst day the session e coniined to members of the order, but that on the second day it should be open to all riends of teniperance, aud for the discussion of such topics as are of general interest, and ,hat a public meeting be held each evening. The design of this convention is to secure a ree interchange of views among temperance eople, and to devise such plans as shall seem o them best calcnlated to save men from the vice of drunkenness. I, therefore, respectfully appeal to all temperance people in Washtenaw county, and to all members of the order in par.tcular, to do all they can to render the meetng successful. The Good Templar order is unquestionably the most numerous, powerful, and useful temperance orgamzation in the uation or even in the world ; and one, ut once so correct and yet so catholic in its temperance creed, that all who sincerely love the cause can, without sacrifico of principie, unite with t in efforts to secure its avowed purposed to if t " up the fallen and to save others from alling" by the power of that almost uncon[uerable appetite for strong drink. Good riends, aid us in this humane and Christ-like work, and thereby bring upon yourselves the ' blessmg of them who are ready to perish, and cause the widow's heart to sing for joy." In " Faith, Hope, and Charity, John Russell, G. W. C. T.


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