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A Free Horse At Rest

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During the pioneer üays oi omu, Midi., thetownbad an editor wkowas patiënt and long suffering. Sonie of the nieinbers of the church got hmi to give $20 toward securing a minister ; then they wanted their religious notices inserted free ; then ho was asked for $25 toward helping to build a paraonage, wul he flnally found he was giving the chm-oh more than he gave his family. He neverthelesB"iiiig on" for a timo ltrager, untíl one evening he went to prayermeeting and was asked to leave lus othce íoraweek and go and help olear the grounds for a cmnp-meeting. Ihat wns the last straw, and he aróse up and saitl : " Gentlemen, I'd like to go to heaven with yon. I know you all. Jou are oiover and obliging, and kind and tender, and it would be nice for us all, as a oongregation, to go in together, but J. ye conchuled to leave you and dodge ,in aloiig with somebody Ironi venu, " peer or Grand Bapids. Ifs nioney, moneyall the time, and I've given tlm church imtil, if my mie should die, she d have to go to heaven barefooted The oongregation seemed to realize tlit afree horae was being rode to death. They let up on the editor, and pacined him. He even had a special tent assigned at the canip-meeting, and all was well.


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