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The followiog ia the platform of principies adopted by the Independente at their recent i national eonventiou in Cleveland : Our governmeut ia founded Kolely upon the consent of th ! people, and lts powera are subject feo thtir control. The evils we imw live under have resulted froui the acta of unfaithful rej reaentatives, ! who have workeil in tho iuteresta of part; above those of the peoplc. These evÜa are ohiefly displ&yed iu ourmonetarj system, and the monopolies which it ha enigendered. Tbia s:tem beiug monarch oaJ mits principies and tmbversive of republican ■ government, and ai exper'ence demónstrate tha1 we cao have uo hope of reform from existlng politU cal partlcB, it becoma our imperativo duty to i Ize a new party, to the end that wo may reslstthe eucroachmonfB of the inoney power apon the rights of tho pcoplo, Rtay the tide of eorruption and cXtrovaganoe which overflow the land, and placo tho ■ control of the rcpourees and fmanees of the country in tho hands of tho pcople. We then-fore establish tin; Inde pondo ut party, and declare lts prinolplea to bc as followa : 1. It ia the duty of the governxnent to establiah a ' monetiiry system based npoo the l'aiüt and resources of the nation, in harinmiy with the genius of thifl ! goverument, and adapted to the induKtrialand i meruial neede of tho country. To this end the notea of all national and Btatebanks should be withdrawn from droulatlon, and a paper moncy tasued by the ; in i'viniu ni i iirrt'tly to the people, in payment of government obligations, without the lnter ention of any syatem of banking corporatlone, which money shall be a legal tender in payment of all debto, lic and priyato, dutieB ou imposta included. ezoept i that portion if the interest and principal of the present public debt that s by tho expresa tenas of the law oreatlngit made payable In metallic money. Thla money to be interchaugeable at the option of the holders for registert il government bonda i iiiíí a rata of interest not execeding 3.65 per cent. '2. Tbia system of flnance will be sUmulatlng to j our industries and commerco, and soon malee the United Statee the drponitory of the preciou metala of thr world. 3. The adoption of this Bystexn by furniebing Buffloient nioney at low Intereet wil! solve the tion of cheap iransportation, beoause it wUl enable raüroadB and the carrying trade to relieve ' themselTes of their Loads of debt, and lowertheix ratea, and enable the iM?ople to construct addltional lines whenever interna! oommerce may require. 4. It ík the dnty of tho government in all it legislation to keep in vu -w the i uil development of the agricultural and mineral rasouroea of our country, and a!no ita mauulacturing interefftB, 6. That the great intereeta of producöve tndustry claim their jtiet recognition at the hands of Uil' government of the people, and thatthrongh the ry nystein herc proposed all those interests can be fully secured. 0. That aa üie public domaiu is the rightful heritagc of the people, it should uot be diwtributed to ! Bpeculatora or corporations, but reserved for actual Bettlers. 7. That it is the duty of the government to equalize the bovmtkn of soldiers, and to bring to a Bpeedy settlement all other just claims arising from the late war. 8. A'l rights, privileges and immiinltles recognized by the government should bebawed upon the fact of citizenship, equal righta before the law being seeured by the Conetittitíon. 9. That we inslfit Upon and demand tevcre retrenchment and eoonomy in all branches of public aftairs, 10. The rivers and harbors, being under the juriadiction of the government, nhoulil be by it improved when neooaeary to the commerce of the people. 11. Throvigh the monetary Hvi-tem berein proposed there wil! be established between tho oltizena of thia country, Eant, West, North and South, a firni and lasting bond of union, by giving them a eominon Intérest in a common government,and bringing pcace and prosperity to each and all of it? inhabitants.


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