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Editors Abous: The laws of the State- orgauic or statutory- may not make it a necesary ijualiiication that an aldennan should be a tax-payer. It tlierefore, may be no objeción to the Republicau candidates noniiuated on Wednesday eveninpr, that five of them paid an aggvegate tax on the last rolla of less thau 14. But are thelarge moneyed interests of our city the satost in the hands of such men, or would they be better conserved and protected by alderraen who, when they vote to appropriate the people's moneys, will do so knowing that they, personally, will needs help foot the bilis f A Tax-Payer. April 1, 187Ó. The B'Hoy's Ticket. - The Republican Ward caucuses were held Wednesday evening and the ïollowing nominations made : ALDERMK.V. lst Ward- John Ferdon. 2d " - Herman Hutell. 3J " - Sani B. Eevenaugh. 4th " - Edward C. Boudiuot. óth " - B. P. Bishop. 6th " - Zma P. King. CONSTABLES. a lst Ward- Joseph W. Lawaon. 2d " - Gottlob Scliaible. ;jj ■ -Simeón ])avis (colored). 4th " - William Fauth. üth " -Eli S. Manly. Cth " -John C. SImw. The Democracy of Ann Arbor Town held their caucus Monday afternoon, auii nomimited the following ticket : Superviso) - Hethcott M. Mowry. Vlerk -Thomas G. Burliugame. Treasurer- Charles Braun. School Inspector- J . Rodney Mowry. Commissioner of Iliijhways - Andrew Sniith. Justice of the John ü'Hara, 2d. Superintendent of Schools- John M. Chase. Constables - John Hagan, Michael Alber Timothy Reiley, Frederisk Stabler. The ioilowing were appointed a Towuship Committee for the ensurag year : B. F. Cole, Thos. G. Burlingame, and J. Rodney Mowry. Uneequited Affection. - She was about seventeen years of age, of a family belonging to the "lower strata" of society. Hewas said to be a law student. She had been a servant girl in the family of oneof our citizens. Leaving her place of occupation, she returned attr a few weeks, decked out in gay attire, to make her former employer a visit. She related how fortúnate she had been in securing a " love of a husband.' That is, be was not exactl)' her iiusband yet, but then it was all arranged, and there was ouly need of a delay long enough to jet ready the bridal outfit. She thought it would be nece8sary to go to Detroit for the ?reen stik, but had conclmted tfcat a suitable travohng dress conld be procurediu Ann Aruor. The object of her fond affection had returned to the home of his father for a brief sojourn of two weeks, and upon his return the two loving hearts were to be welded into oue. After the cousolidatiou they were to take up their permanent residence in Chicago. But, alas ! Erom the irregularity of the mails or of something else, no tidings of her knight errant have reached the anxious maideu ; and as the days glide swiftly by, the prospect grows strouger that she will take up her peimanent residence on the ragged edge of despair, rather than Chicago. No more will the curling locks and ïil;onian air of her charming Adonis greet the admiring visión of the expectant Venus; aud ;he fruit which appeared fast ripening will be ;urned to ashes on her lips. Sd it seems now at least. Sic transit gloria matnmonii. Kniohts' Templar Installation.- The officers of Aun Arbor Commaudery No. 13, K. 1'., were publicly insta lied last Friday evening y E. I. Garfield, 1'. G. C, of Detroit, assisted jy John N. Gott, who acted as Marshal. There was quite a large attendance. The part of the P. G. C, in the ceremony was not perfornied so impressively, perhaps, as the audience had expected. Atter the installation the audience was served with refreshments preared by Hangsterfer, and after this cauie a social. Everything passed off pleasantly. The ollowing are the officers installed : Jas. Boyd, Emmineut Commander. L. O. Risdon, Generalissimo. Carlos N. Webb, Capt. Geueral. W. D. Harriman, Prelate. E. J. Johnson, Treasurer, W. A. Lovejoy, Recorder, C. J. Kiutner, Senior Warden. C. S. Milieu, Junior Warden. M. Fleming, Sword-bearer. Frederick Sorg, Standard-bearer. John P. Little, Warden.


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