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The Little Oephan's Deeam.- We have received from Measrs. George Stinson & Co., Art Publishers, of Portland, Maine, a copy of a line work of art in the simpe of a large steel engraving, (size 23 by 30 inches). The engraviug is by Mr. A. H. Ritchie, well known as the best. eugïaver on steel in America, and is after one of Mr. B. F. Reinhart's famous paintings. The engraving is new-just finished, and now, tor the first time, before the public. We willadd a brief descriptiou of the picture, though it cannot be expected that we eau give more than a laint idea of its beauty. In au elegant apartmeut upon a couch is shuwn a beautiíul little girl of tender age, asleep. During the worm summer night she has partí; reheved herself of tlie bed clothing, displaying lier beautitul little chubby limbs m the loveliest possible maiiuer. She is a little orphau, as the title indicates, and is sweetly dreaming of her mother, about whom she has been told so much. She has been told that her mother dwells in the spirit land, that she is a beautiíul angel, and she has wondered why she eau never come to see her. She has thought so niueh of the matter that oue night she dreams that her mother visits her - the beautiíul being of light that she believes her to be, and it is this dreaui that the artist has portrayed with such power and effect. The angel mother is öhown by the bedside as the child sees in the dream. The outlmes of her face and torm are distinctly seen, although the figure is shadowy and etherial. The mother is surrounded with a halo of soft, mysterious, heavenly light, and she is sliowu gazmg upou her child with all the inexpressible love that ever comes f rom a mother's heart. In her extended hand she holds a white lily - an emblem of purity. The followIng lines have been suggested to our inind by this lovely picture. They will aid in giving the reader some idea of this rare work of art : THE LITTLE OKPHAN'S DREAM. O ! biest the visión that gives to the child A face beaming o'ei lier so tender and mild, The smik' oí' a mothei - oh, wavelet of joy ! A part oí the gladness that has no alloy ; Oh : swect win the orphon's slumber be, 11 the uarling her mother in dreams may sce. .■iet' child! tlf mother is watching o'er thee, Tby steps and tliy Hlumbeia her watehfui eyes see, By day and by night she is oft at thy side ; Tliough her home is with the angels over the tide; The mother's a mother though years go by, And the love oí' a mother's heart never eau die. Messrs. Stinsou & Co., publish a very large variety of pictures of all descriptions and prices, and all are sold through agents by subscriptiou only. Attentiou is directed to their advertisemeut for ageuts, in another column. Those who are uuempioyed, or those who have spare time, who wish to make "anhonest penny," will not be any the worse off by sendmg tor their terms aud directious to agents, which they seud tree to those who apply.


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