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Capture Of Burgoyne

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TUr foHowtag cupioaa satírica] effvadon was wrttten and publlahed ahoftly aid-r the event it r Latea to :j Here foUowetb the direful fate ( m Bxa [03 ne and hia army gr at, Who bo proudly i 1 display The tenors af despotic sway. lü- power and pride and many tbreats Bare been broughi lo by fortúnate Gatea. To bend totbe United States. iriiisii prlsoners by Cnvention, 2,44'.! 'oreignera by Contra-ventíon, 3 196 "cries aent acrosa the Lake, 1,100 Bitrgoync and 1 1 i -= snit.'. In Btate, U Blok and wouoded, brwwöd and jjounded, -.,, ïjfe'er so mnch before oonfoundt d, f Prigom ra of wu beforc Oonvi utinn, 'ji'ii ip Berten conie wlth kind intention, 30ü 1 tu j Loef ;if Bennington'a greal banïe, ) ■- _, Where Htarfc's glortous arma did ratle ƒ 1w Eül'd in September aad " tob r, 600 T.i'i il by bravo iin wn, hiuup urunl;, omo sober, 413 Blala by high-famed Herk rman, ) , . Qn both flanks, on i'earand van, ( ÓW Indiaas, settlen, butchers, drorexv, Euouffb In orowd Iwe i'Iaine all over, " And woei whom grim deatb did p] Frona iihi againat our Oontízraot ; '- 4. tía i And ;i!m llmse wbo atole ;nviy, Lest fchey down their amas Bfaoiüd ly, J abhorring tba4 obnosioiu day ; The wbole make f 01 vná men, ) ! VTho niiiy not with uaflghi agaio. ƒ 14,ü(Mi b a prei ty uei aot nunt Of Burgoyne's legiona' whol amouat, Wbo oaxne acrosa the Northern Laken To desolate oor happy Btati ■, Their brasa oanaona fre hare noi 11 l'iftv rí- both great and smaU : And (hu thousand stand of arma, To preven! uil future liarme; Stores and implemcntn complete, Of vorkmansbip exceeding oa And proper harnese, do way 6canty. Amoag our priioneru there are S: Qeneralfl of famr most rare: Six meaabers of their Parliament Belnctantly tboy asem oonteni ; Three Britiöli Lords, and Lord h I carras Who nime, oux oouBtryfree to b ; Two Baronets of high f xtraction Werp sorrly woundert in the aetioti.


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