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Election In The Towns

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We give the lista of officers elected in the several townships of this county on Monday last, bo far as we have been ab)e to get returns : MANCHESTKR. The entire Democratie ticket was elected by the following small majorities : Supervisor - Horatio Burch, 179. Township Clerk - Munson Goodyear, 141. Township Treasurer- Einanuel Case, 175. Justice of the Peace - Albert T. Bruegel, 100. Township Superintendent of Schools - Williain G. Doty, 147. Township School Inspector - Clarence W. Case, 136. Commissioner of Highways - John L. Stevens, 82. Drain Commissioner - Thos. Holmes, 127. Constables - John Koch, 127 ; Albert G. Rood, 132; Joseph S. Vreeland, 124; Emanuel Case, 129. BRIDGEWATER. As usual the Democracy had it all their own way, as the majorities show : Supervisor - Daniel LeBaron, 143. Township Clerk- Elbert Bradner, 145 Township Treasurer - Henry Reyer, 144. Justices of the Peaoe - Adam Eiedel, (full term), 145 ; William W. Judd (vacaney), 146. Commissioner of Highways - Junius Short, 145. Township Superintendent of Schools - George Rawson, 145. School Inspector - Francis M. Palmer 145. Constables - Adam Riedel, Jr., 145 James Quick, 144 ; Fronk Tate, 145 Joseph Lerg, 145. LYNDOX. After an exciting oontest the following Democratie ticket was elected. The Republicau ticket was headed by Geo Rowe : Supervisor - Thos. Young, 29. Clerk - Andrew J. Boyce. Treasurer - Henry J. Drake. Commissioner of Highways - Charles Sawyer. Supt. of Schools- Fred A. Howlet. School Inspector - Thoa. Clark. Drain Commissioner - John K. Yokum Constables- W. Stanfield, Thos. Wilburn, Francis Beeman. SHARON. A correspondent sends us the following: Our town election is over, and the following officers chosen, with their majorities : Supervisor - John J. Robison, 11. Township Clerk- Luther McGee, 6. Township Treasurer - John O. Selfe, 3 Justices of the Peaoe - Henry Hustuan (full term), 25 ; Michael Kappler (vacan cy), 23. Commissioner of Highways - Samue H. Smith, 11. Township Superintendent of School - Michael J. McMahon, 1. Township School Inspector - Mat thew J. Flinn, 21. Drain Commissioner - Harvey Black man (no opposition), 125 Constables- John O. Selfe, 24 ; Mer riek Crafts, 23 ; Georgé Kief, 23 ; Frank Hall, 23. All Demócrata except clerk and com missioner of highways. The Republican candidate for Supervisor, Wm. B Osborn as he voted with the Democrats on near ly every question, especially the election of Superintendent of the Poor, tha fact made him decidedly popular with a class of Democrats. PITTSFIELD. Three tickets in the field - two Repub lican and one Union. The ticket headec by Clark, of Saline, was elected, except ing Supervisor, David Depew, Democrat receiving one majority : Supervisor - David Depew. Township Clerk- William K. Childs Township Treasurer - Edward L. J Smith. Justices of the Peace - William Allison (full term), Edwin W. Ford (to fil vacaney). Commissioner of Highways - James F Smith. Drain Commissioner - David Cody. School Inspector - Lewis S. Anderson Township Superintendent of Schools - Morton F. Case. Constables - Henry J. Miller, Henry D. Platt. SCIO. The result in this town was slightly " mixed." We don't know the cause, but give the officers elected : Supervisor - Stephen G. Johnson, Rep. Clerk- W. Irving Keal, Rep. Treasurer - Jas. Page, Rep. Justices - Franklin R. Copeland, Dem. David Almandinger, vacancy, Dem. Highway Commissioner - Pat'k McGinness, Dem. Superintendent of Schools - A. McMillan, on both tickets. School Inspector - Jacob J. Jedele, Dem. Constables - M. Brenner, C. W. Guest, V. H. Potter and C. C. Henry.


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