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Gen. SriNNEü's retirement trom the oflico of United States Troasureí vill necesítate tlie cOTtnting of every dollar in tho treasury vaultH, amounting to more than one lmndred millions of dollars. A Bill lias b ten iátrodnced ín the New York Legislatura providing tl-iat jurors oji lumsually proixaoted tríala shall ve extra cotnpensatíon. It is int 'tided lo apply to the Tilto'n-Beecher j ] Dr. Tajmíage, the pulpit orator of Brooklyn, lias got disgnsted wrffl the devalopments of tha BMoher tóal. He rayes against thenewspapersfor printing the evidence, ,'uid prophecie8 rnin and d.unuation to the editora who print it. ThS Washington fcorrespondent of the Chicago Tribuut tttlegrapiis that "Senator Oglesby, of Ilünois, has an ambition to bocome i candidato for the ; rresidt'iicy apon i ticket with .Speaker Blaine, ana thtrt the friends of the latter are oncoirraging Oglosby in his ambition." BliN' DUTUSK is the ittonioy in a e; { panding in the Trwisarj Department under very eárcumatanoea. 'Ihc case ia a claim for .$50,000 for property scizod in New Qrieans fat the use of tlie Northern Army by Geu. Butler, in command of the Union Ariy. Butler now appears as counsel in the cas;; againsl the acts of' Butler, as General. Queer, isn't it: '. A letter kaa teen written by Otea. Shcridan to Gen. ShBrman dciininf; the Black Filia región, and stating that there has not been any fair test vet made iiear Harney'a Peal te determine the eiistenee of gold Qtere in large qnantHies. Gold probably existo much fnrfher wesl than the Black Huls of the Cheyenne, and Gen. Sheridan proposes to send an exploration up the Yellowrftone to the mouth of the Big Hom. The people of Michigan are alfordcd the opporiuiiity of deciding by their , votes at the polls the question of prohibition, ai both branches of the Legislaton have United in tho passage of a resolution amending the Constitutiou of the Btate by striking out the section whieh proliibits the Legislature from passing . any act authorizing the grant of license for the sale of intoxicating liquors. The amendment is to be submitted to the people at the general clection in November, 1876. CivnjzATTON in Japan ia progressing. A compromis haa been brought about between the Mikado and the disaffected statesmen of the empire; a war-vessel of foreign style of oonstruction has been launched with great ado; whüe the establishment of a college for the instruction in obstétrica of Japanese wonien, the coiuage of a trade dollar, and the detection of an attempted swindle in the interest of foreigners, furnish additioniH proof that Japan is rapidly advancing to aplace amoug the enligh teño. I and progressive nations of the earth, CoMPTTföoiiY oducation ia being vigoronsly enforccd in New York city. Sixty policensen are engaged in taking a oenof chüdren not in attendance upon O1, nuil will report about the middle of April It is a noteworthy faot that go íar ni) compulsión, properly eo-called, has liad to be usod. Persuasión has proved suliicieut. In many cases, it lias been only lack of decent clothing wbieh kept shüaren away. Whm (lus was supplied, they have gono joyfully. Aa yet the newsboye, boofc-blacks and faetoryaperáBvesfiave not been approached. The hardest work will have to be done among them. uof the most trying spelling matches anywhereoarecomd took plaoe lately in Boston. The con test a nis were on the one de membeM of tJie press, and on othêr High school boy. The newspaper eo]a]any was mostly mad'; up of e impoèdtórs and proof-readers, commonIj reputed (o be accomplislied spellers. Yet the hoys were victorions. At the very last round, i proof-reader of the Transcript and a school-boy were the only onos standing. The proof-reader miased " conferrable, " spelling it with one r. }n. CniLDERs, the well-known English traveler, delivered a u LondoH on the evening of April lst, in whioh he gave au account of hts laai American tour. A cable dispatch statee that he spoke in (fertasbf iiigh eulogy of America and ihe üm'tëd States. He i'1"11".''1 ii waa probably as prosperous ' i.v coimtry in theworld. He estimated that in üfty yeais it would contain 150,000,000 inhabitahte, while the progresa oi Ehgland was neoessarily iimited. He ioreibly presented reasons why England should Beek frtentiship and alJiance witli the United States. The famine in Asia Minor luis been far more destructivc than mm gupposed. Karajali, a town of somc 100 inhftbitante, has lost 355 by dealh, and at Akali 500 out of 1,200 people liav.' perished by starvation. In Yuva -more than half of the inhabitantsliave died. This proves how uncivilizcd people Buffer from the exposures of nature and the uueertainties of horveste even in the most genial elimates. People groan over the priva, tiona and wretchedness of the poor in our great citirs, where if one pet-non dies for want of foodorfuel in the winter th(iJ( ' ■ o I of n-buke. l?ut scaroely lamine, doen not drop i its bjight down on some portion of and África, ajxWen at the best times, with tlie richost soils md the fairest climate, the people are often pinched for even the coarsest food. A NEOito mimlerer nameil Jíryan, who was under senteñce of deafh at Morehead City, N. C, has ol)tiincd respite in a ..I mul iinuimiil tnmmer. The day bof ore the one actfor tie executioo ike Sherifl'aád all the other oonnty officers who were in any Ugree responsible for the fxi'ciiliiiii oí the sentí nd in i body. The reason givpp bj Un a officials for tiie i ixedtttion bf the death penalty is tliat tho negro crimina] i) i"üged in Orleans coxinty, and not in i cxronty, whither his case bad been removed and (ried. The Governor had, on tl iis account, t postpone the execnüon to the 8rd of September, v. lien i . now Sheriff and eounty offioers will 1' John Buskik, the Britiab phüosopher, gociologist and cynie, must be the most miserable man in the world. Jt. te said he poes cold beeaase ha hatos smoke; live.s out of toWB beoansehfi hatea noise ; shnta himself out of society beoaoae he dospises wornen ; will not go aboard steamers beoause the noise of their wliistling is abomnible ; reada only bis works beoonse other people'a deus worry him ; and now tefpses lo travel by rail iso he met willi an accident some tiii(! ago. His laat trip ly ooniage cosf hini $350, and lie líales fliat mode of oenveyaneo. A Dontemporairy ndvisei him to go VText, scjnat on the prairie, aing his o'wn praises alaae, and gire up growling.


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