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The Pumpkin

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The pumpkin iz a lnrge, yello fruit, about one foot in dianieter, and not far from being round. Tho sood ov it is shaped like the lied ov au Injuu arrow and iz about tlie size ov yure middle finger nail. The, seed iz inserted into the gronnd about the 15th ov May, and cums to liglit in about 6 days. The pumpkin keeps on bjzzy growing untill tho fust day of Oktober, and then gives up the oontest. Pumpkins gro on to a vine, and thti iz but few if enny smarter weeds than a pumpkin vine. On ritoh gronnd they "will gro four inehes a day, besides growing about two inclies eacli night, and they have large, yello íIowcth on them about the size and shape ov the other I end ov a key bugle, or French hom. Eacli ov these flowcrs means a pumpkin, and I hav seen 16 able-boddyed pumpkins on one vine. This is oalled " sum pmnpkins." Pumpkins are plantod among corn, and alter the corn haz been got oflf I hav seen the pumpkins so mutch on tho gi-ound tliat yu couldn't count them. The most remarkable tliing about the pumpkin iz tho pi that iz in them. Eaoh able-boddyed pnmpkin haz fiom 6 to 8 pize in them, and there ain't no lood, imshunt or modern, kan outstyle tliem. Pumpkin pi iz az hard to beat az the simple truth iz. Pumpkins are kut up into strips and lmng ivp in the kitchen for winter pi. I dont kno wharo or when the pumpkin waz fust diskovered, or who it waz who fust worked it up into pi. Christoph er Columbus f ound Amerika, Newton waz the father ov gravitashun, and menuy a'man haz spent hiz ■wholc life and talent on perpetual motion and ncver kaught up with jt, but who fust found a pumpldn or invented it iz a mistery up to this hour. Pumpkins grow the most cheerfully in Nu England, bekause folks are most kind to them thare, but the pumpkin iz a good-natured plant, and will gro


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