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Ha ving studied the wants of the people of Washtenaw for the past eight years, and having made our best eudeavor this Spring in selecting our large stock of Men's Youth's Boy's and Children's Clothing, Hats Caps and Furnishing (joods, we now conftdenüy claim to be able to please the most fastidious in style, quality and price. We can fit any person from a phild three years )ld lo a man who can boast of his aldonnanic proportions. Our motto is One Price and Fair Dealing. JOK T. JACOBS A CO. No. 24 South Main street Ann ArbOJT, Mieh Ordinance No. 87. An ordinance to ame ml " Au Ordinanco Relative o Potrada and to PreventCattle Running at Large." Sec. 1, Be it ordained by the Mayor, Recorder and Aldermen of the City of Ann Arbor, That ection three uf an ordinance entitled " An Ordiuance Relative to Pounds amito Prevent Cattle Runïiug at Large," made and passed inCommon Council, June 3, 1861, be and ia hereby ainended so as to read as folio ws : Sec. 3. It shall be unlawful for any horse, mare, mule, colt, buil, ox, steer, cow, calf, hog, shoat, pig, sheep, goose or duck, to go at large within the limts oi the city of Ann Arbor, and it shall be lawi'ul or any porson, and it shall be the duty of the Marhal ;uil ach oí' his deputies of said city, to drive hu aame to pound or cause the aa,rue to be so driven, and tbr driviug the same to pound as aforesaid the farshal, or au y jpexBOO so driviug, shall be entitled o reeeive two dollars for each horse, mare, raule, olt, buil, ox, steer, cow, calf, hog or shoat, and tive cents for each suckingpig, sheep,goose ordnek. Sec. 2. This ordinance shall take iwintdiate effect. Made and passed in Common Council this twentyy-tirat day of April, A. D., 1875. EIAVAKD D. KINNE, Mayor. V. A. Lovkjoy, Recorder. State ok Michigan, .Ol.NTY OF WaSHTKA'AW J City Recorder's Office, Anu Arbor, April 22, 187S. I, William A. Lovejoy, Recorder of the city of Ann Lrbor, do hereby certify that I have compaied the oregoing copy of au ordinance witfa the original rdiuanue, passed by the Coinmon Council of said ity, on the twenty-first day of April, A.D. 1875, and hat it ís a correct transcript therefrom, and of the vhole oí'suuh original. I also certify that at the same time the following esolution was adopted. Sesoived, That the Recorder of this city be and s hereby directed to cause the ordinance tfaladay assed, entitled "An Ordinance to amend an Ürinauce relative to Pounds aud to Prevent Cattle iuniiing at Large," to be published two weeks sueessively In the Michigan Argus, a newspaper pubished iu this city. WILLIAM A. LOVEJOY, Recorder. Strange hut Truo. It is natural for peoplesufïering with Consunipon, Coughs, Severe Colds, or any other disease of ie throat and Lungs, to put off from day to day uying au article that they know has cu red their eigbbor, friend, or relative, yet they have uo faith n it until it is too late. If you will go to Eberbach ; Co., Druggi-sts, and get a bottle of Bosciiee's Geran Syrup, your immediate cure is as certain as ou live. It has lately been introduced iu this ountry from Germany, and Drugists and people vt-i ywhere ure elated over its success. You can et a sample bottle for 10 cents and try it. Regular ize bottle 75 cents. 1Ö26W4 At Home Again. Dr. North having concluded to sell or rent his ountry seat, has again taken up the practice of )entistry, and opened rooms over Johuson'e Hat tore, where he will be pleased to meethisold friends who may need hiB,professional skill. He in prepard to insert teeth on rubber base, celluloid, gold or ilver, as may be desired. Teeth filled witü pure gold, and by other appioved principies. DR. ÖEO. W. NORTH. Ann Arbor, December, 1874. 1510m3 - m - - THE AIÍN ARBOR SAVIItfGS BANK Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ecceives depodtl of One Dollar and upwards anc" Llows Five percent, interest ou all depositsrejnainïg three months or longer. Interest Compotinded Semi-Annualiy. Also buys and sells U. S. Bonds. Gold, Silver and nterest Coupons, and New York, Detroit and Cïiiago Excliaoge. Also sells Sight Drafts on Gkeat Bbitain, Ieeani), Germakï, or any other part of the SoroiL'iin Continent. This Bank is oiganized under the General Bankir Law of this State. The Stockholders are indiidually liable to the ainount of their stock, and :ie wholc capital is security for depositors, while ith Itaiiksuf lisas, the capital is iuvested for the seurity of bill-holders. This fact makes this Instiution a very safe depository of monies. Married Women can deposit subject to thuir own rafts only. IHoiicy to Loan on Ipproved Securities. DIRECTO ES: R. S. Smith, C. Mack, W. W. Wines, !. A. liKAI-, W. D. HaIÏRIMAN. D. IIISCOCK, W. Deubel. OFFICERS: l. S. Smith, Pres't. C. Mack, Vice-Pres't. C. E. HlSCOCK, Telkr.


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