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Twenty Thousand A Year Not Enough To Marry On

Twenty Thousand A Year Not Enough To Marry On image
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Says a New York paper: New York is ; crowded with rieh unmarriod men, af raid of the expense of stipporting tliese gilded butterflies. There is a bachelor at the Sixth Avenue Hotel who'ee income is $20,000 a year, and still he says he can't afford to get rüarrffed. He's a p'roud fellow, and-says as a single man he can have the bggj; horses, best room, and best box at thevircra. "Hl should get married," he saiMK i should have to stint myself or ovei-R,w my income." " llow is that?" asked a friend. " Well, now, coma infltthe parlor, and I'll show you. YoflíePliid"s are extravagant i days. ïhey dress so mueh more thaii in Europe. 1 mean, they don't wear rich diamond like the women of Florence anti Milán, but they wear such rioh dresses, laces, shawls, and fura. Now, I'm proml, and I should not want my wife outdressed, so I have to keep out of the marriage business. Do you see that lady there ?" he said, pointing to a fasliionable caller. "Yes." "Well, she has on a $400 panniered, wattaued, polI onaised, brown, gros grain dress, and I ; i wear a $60 coat. She wears a $1,200 I I camel's haii' shawl, and a .$500 set of j ble, while I wear a $70 overcoat. She wears a $70 bonnet, while I wear an $8 i hat. She wears $200 worth of point applique and point anguille, while I wear a .$6 shirt. Her shoos cost $16, mine $12. Her ordinary morning jewelry, which is clianged every year, not counting diamonds, cost $400, mine cost $50." "Well, how does it foot up !" " Why, j the clothes she has on cost (f2,225, and mine cost $206, and that is only one oí her dozen outiits, while I only have - say I three. The fact is," said he, growing earnest, "I couldn't begin to live in a brown-stone front with that woman, and ' keep up appearances to match - carriages, ehurch, dinners, opera and sea-side, for I $20,000. I'd have to become a second! rate rnan, and live in au eighteen-foot house, or withdraw over to Seeond aveI nue, and that I'll be hanged if I dp '." and he slung his list down into a nice silk hat in the excess of his eagerness.


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