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Old Bachelors

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The a-'1 wauderers wad ramblers - never ai homo, MkJn# vate "t i welcome wherever they roani ; Aud evcry one knówa thai the bachelor'a den Is a room t ajMft for these singylar mes A nook In the cióuds, of aome ftve feet by fonr, Though Bomctimes, by chanco, it mayïte ralhex mor, WitU HkyliRht or öo light, ghoate, gcfelins hm gloom. And evorywhoro trrnipl the oíd bachalOï room. These areaturea they pay aro not vled at all, Exccpt wheu the berd give a bachelors' bftll. Thon. drened In thelrbest. In their gold-broWtered vent, lt is knova aa ■ fact, Th4 Üiry aci with miu-li tact, Andttey lisp, "Howdyöo?' And tin y ooo. and they won, And they emue. for a wliü'', Thcir fair RiiestH to begnlla ; CoudoBoeuiliiiK aml bendtay lor fear oí offondlng. _rmr, Tliough inert, Aml they ipy, They eifirt Wttl thelï e,. To be pert, And they hM,Z And to flirt, A thiT fly. Ann thry wlii-k aad UMy whlï, And aro bftek al the quiz. For they mcot Advanoinp, To lc sweflt, Aml KlaSolnA Aml aro floet And dancing, Ou thoir fet't, And pWPtng. Slldlng and gUdlng with minuto paco, Plrouetting and h Ittng wlth Infinite graoe. And Jumping, . And racing, And humpin. And (Axaslng, And stumping, And pneing, And thumping, And Uclsg. rhey aro fiUtCtinjg and glittering, gaUant and gay, Yawniug all ïuoruiug, and lonnging all day. But when ho grovs oM, ATid h'm suufthine is past, Threo-scoro ycars halng triff( liriugs repentance at lut. Ie lli,en beoomea an odd old man ; iis warmest friend's the warming-paii ; le'e fidficty, IBètful and woary ; in fine, joves nothing but solf , and his dinner, nul Witte. iir rMee and lic prates, And roadH the debates ; Despieed by tbc men, and tbe wciuen be hatcp. Then pTOdbQg, And poring, And dozing, And anoring, And ooztoff, And boring, Aud noaing, And roariug. Wheneyer lie falla in wlth a Emboto, Ilis doligbt is to vapor and gabble ; Ho's gruffy, And musty, And puffy, And fuety. Ie site in bis slipper, witi) back to the door, Noar freezing, And gruniMing, Aud wheezlng, And muinbling, Aud Höasing, Aud Btnmbling, And Bneezing, And tumbliug, Ie curses tbe carpet or nails in tbe floor. Oftfalllng, Oft waliiitíí, Oft bawlmg, Oft aching, And BprawBng, And qualdng, And crawling, And sbaking, Ilig liand is nnsteady, bis ntcniacb is Rore. He's railing, . Uncheery, And faiUng, And dreary. And ailing, AtkI weary, And firoaniug and nin.-ining, ]lis scüifluH 6s owning, Qrieving and beaving. Tliougïi naiigbt is bis loaving Butpolf and ill-healtb, Himsclf and bis wealth. He sendR lor a doctor to cure or to kill, Wbo gives bim advice and offense and a pill, Wbo drops bim a bint aboiït making bis will. Ab frotful antirpiity cannot be mended, Tbe uiiB'raltlo Ufe of a lun-helor's endcd. Nobdy mlesefl bim, nobody sigbs, fobody grfam token the backetor dies.


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