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The following trausactions m real estáte have been recorded iu the office of the Register of Deeds ior Washtenaw couuty duriug the past week : Reuben Kempf to Samuel B. Laird, lot 3, block 4, vil lage of Chelsea. Í900. Altred Miller to Harvey Benuett, 20 rods ot land, Benuett's additiou to village of Sahue. 50. Eli Granger to Harriet Granger, land on G atreet, villaje of Dexter. $2,000. Heury Binder to George Fischer, lote 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14, Browu's secoud additiou to Ann Arbor. f 1,109 64. Samuel McCormick to Jas. L. McCormiok, 80 acres off sectiou 28, Salem. $6,000. Harvey Benuett to Alfiud Miller, part of lot 21, Beunett's addition to village of Saline. Í50. Wm. Freeman to N. Granger (quit claim), lots on blockü 45, 36, 37, 3, and 4U, village of Manchester. $2,400. Albert F. Ball to T. J. Ball, one acre ff the e. qu. of sectiou 32, Pittsñeld. $240. Horace Ricbmond to Morris Richmond, the ndividual half interest iu 80 acres on sectiou 1, Scio. 12,800. Jacob Aprill to Wm. Aprill, 20 acres off se. qu. ol section 33, Scio. 11,728. Sanlord Manning to Wm. B. Smith, lot 17, Stuck"s additiou to Ypsilauti. $2,000. Austin A. Wood to Jessup S. Wood, 80 acres n sectious 26 and 27, Lodi. $8,000. Qttorge S. Wood to William J. Wood, 110 acres off sectiou 19, Lima. $6,000. A. F. Ball to Edwin E. Culver, 10 acres off ection 15, Saline. $500. A. F. Ball to Edwin E. Culver, one acre off ection 32, York. $250. Wm. A. Porter to Loíb Porter, northeast half of lot 63 and lot 64, Traver's additiou to Ann Arbor. $500. John N. Gott to John O'Grada, lots 4 and 5, in block 4 north of Hurón street, rango 3 aast. $500. Lawson Rogers to Henry V. Deitrich, 10 acres off section 7, Ypsilanti. $850. Robt. Francisco to Jennie Draper, 40 acres off section 36, Ypsilanti. $2,200. Chas. Holmes to H. H. Briukerhoff, lot 642, Follett, Vought & Holmes' addition to Ypsilauti. $250. June Barnes to Michigan Paper Co., land on section 35, Ann Arbor town. $2,000. Silvina S. Cowles to Harriet R. Pomeroy, lot on South Thayer street, Sixth ward, Aun Arbor. $1,500. N. E Gilmore to S. M. Thompson, a strip of land tour feet wide, running irom Huron street to river, Ypsilanti. $36. Phebe L. Huut to Dwight Hunt, lot 2 block 2, Manchester. $500. Wm. LoBee to W. H. Lacey, 20 acres off soction 28, Augusta. $250. Wm. Losee to D. W. Losee, 20 acres off section 28, Augusta. $250.


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